Saturday, August 11, 2012

MyLifeOrganized v4.0 published to beta testers

The first alpha version has been published to the beta team.

Here are some screenshots:

The look and feel inspired by Google products. 

As usual you can hide not used panels.

 You can even configure a minimalistic view without toolbar and properties as in MLO3

The final release is planned after beta team reported all the critical issues and we fix them.

Before the release of MLO4 as final we will release MLO 3.6.2 with all fixes we made during MLO4 implementation.

Let me remind you our upgrade policy: if you purchased MLO less than 12 months from the release date you will get the free upgrade. If you purchased MLO more that 12 months form the release date you will get a significant discount for the upgrade. 

With MLO v.4 we decided to fix the upgrade date. Even though the MLO v.4 release date is not known yet we decided to set the specific date for the upgrade, so that everything is clear while MLO v.4 is still in the testing stage. Anyone who purchased MLO after July 25th, 2011 will get free upgrade to MLO v.4. The rest of the registered users will get significant discount for the upgrade. As you can see it is already more than 12 months to the release date so more people will be able to get the free upgrade.

And as always if you do not want to upgrade to the new major version now you can still use the MLO version you purchase your license for. 

We are looking for serious people to join our beta team. Details on our forum.

Andrey Tkachuk