Friday, December 6, 2013

MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync Service Performance Improvements

MyLifeOrganized development team has invested to the improvements of the performance and stability for our MLO-Cloud sync service. We have optimized the servers architecture.

As a result the sync process for the regular operations is almost 2 times faster for me now. Let me give you some numbers for my current connection:

1) Getting ~750 tasks from cloud to a new file in MLO Windows
old: 6.16 sec
new: 4.95 sec

2) Complete 10 tasks on MLO for Windows and sync to cloud
old: 6.3 sec
new: 2.95 sec

3) Check cloud for modifications (if no modifications)
old: 2.4 sec
new: 1.61 sec

4) Putting ~750 new tasks from MLO Windows to the new file on Cloud
old: 28.09 sec
new: 15.01 sec

Hope you will enjoy the new performance of MLO Cloud Sync Service!

Andrey and MLO Cloud Team.

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