Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3 productivity rules of the greatest minds of humanity

One of the best ways to achieve something is to learn from other people’s success. The MyLifeOrganized team discovered, which rules did followed the greatest minds of humanity in order to stay maximum productive.

1. Follow Friedrich Nietzsche

The brilliant philosopher Nietzsche always followed 3 main rules for effective work and life - the early rise, proper nutrition and physical activity. Every morning he got up at dawn, washed with cold water and drank hot milk. After that he was immediately starting to work, because his productivity was at the highest peak in the morning hours.

To be as productive, as Nietzsche, try to get to bed no later than 12 a.m., wake up at dawn and start with your most important tasks, without checking email and social networks. You will feel refreshed and make on much more than planned.

Reinforce the early rising with proper nutrition and exercising in order to keep your body in a good shape and yourself in a good mood.

2. Rest like Immanuel Kant

Kant used to work in the morning, like Nietzsche. But additionally he was never forgetting about the moments of rest. After the long and hard work he usually had a nice walk through the park with a friend, smoked a pipe and had his lunch and dinner on time.

Don’t forget to rest after each hour of productive work. Ideally, your rest should last about fifteen minutes. During that time you can have a cup of tea, breathe some fresh air or have a talk with your colleagues. It will cheer you up, and return the enthusiasm to work. We only do not suggest to smoke pipes, as Kant - that could be unhealthy)

3. Plan like Alan Turing

The great mathematician Alan Turing was always trying to find a simpler way to complete his projects. He subdivided his big tasks to smaller subtasks and solved them in order. Following this system he was creating the Turing Bombe - the electro-mechanical machine which had to decode the Enigma code.

Alan Turing believed that hierarchy is one of the main components of productivity. The hierarchical task lists are really easy to manage, so try it to reach your goals. Don’t jump from one task to another, do everything consistently and attentively. And the best thing is that you can use MyLifeOrganized for structuring your tasks this way!

Try to follow this simple rules every day, and soon you will notice that your productivity is increasing. You will complete your todos much faster thanks to the healthy lifestyle, recreation and tasks structuring.

Sincerely yours,
The MyLifeOrganized Team
Life is simple when organized


  1. What a great inspirational tips from great philosophers of humanity!! not only guaranteed to boost productivity but also lead to a healtier balanced lifestyle!! and again,, thanks to the hierarchical task structuring to accomplish any tasks / goals / projects we may have... thanks to Great MLO Teams...

    1. Thanks so much! These words inspire us to develop MLO apps)

    2. Thanks so much! These words inspire us to develop MLO apps)