Friday, December 23, 2011

MLO-Cloud Task by Email Coming Soon

I am happy to announce that the beta team has been testing the new functionality of MLO-Cloud: “Task by Email”. 

Here is how it will work:
1. You assign a secret email address to your file on MLO-Cloud in the web interface.
2. When you send email to this address it is automatically moved to <Inbox> folder in your Cloud file. And the next time you sync with the Cloud you will see this task in your MyLifeOrganized client. The email subject will be assigned to the task title and the plain text part of the email body will be placed to the task notes.

To protect from possible spam you can assign the addresses which are allowed to send tasks to your Cloud account. You can also change your secret email at any time.

During this week the beta team has found a few problems if using some of email clients which have been already fixed and the service is working normally. The planned release date is January-February since we need to change the web interface a little.

In the future we plan to extend the Task by Email functionality. For example you will be able to set some task properties in the email or assign specific folder or project where this task should be placed in your Cloud file.  

Let me also note that the auto-sync is a priority task on our list. This function is being tested on MLO-Android by the beta team. After that the auto-sync feature will be implemented on the major MyLifeOrganized clients. And yes, we understand that with introducing of the auto-sync the new Task by Email feature will be even more useful.

Tell us how you think we can improve the Task by Email functionality? 

Andrey Tkachuk
MyLifeOrganized Architect.
MLO-Cloud team