Continuing the topic of flexible task recurrence setup, we would like to give you another example — a recurrence when at least one of the ...

Continuing the topic of flexible task recurrence setup, we would like to give you another example a recurrence when at least one of the subtasks is completed. 


Suppose, you have the repeating task "Gym Workout". As subtasks you can add workouts for muscle groups: Chest and Shoulders, Back and Biceps, Chest and Triceps, Quads and Hamstrings.


Set the parent task to "Reset all tasks to uncompleted if all subtasks are completed" and "auto-recur when any subtask is completed":


Tip. Learn more about how to set up task recurrence. 


When you complete any subtask (you choose which one to complete), the next time you will be shown only the remaining three. Then two. And so on until you complete all types of training. After completing the last subtask, all workout options will be available again on the next iteration.

Tip. In our example, several training subtasks are visible at once and you can choose which one to perform. If you enable "subtasks in order" for the parent task, then only one next workout will be visible 🏋️‍♀️


A similar approach can be applied to writing blog articles, family weekend getaways, tidying up, and any other area. 

Until now, our desktop program did not have a Ukrainian version. We've finally fixed this annoying flaw and just added it to the website...

Until now, our desktop program did not have a Ukrainian version. We've finally fixed this annoying flaw and just added it to the website. Let it be our present to our Ukrainian users for the Independence Day💛💙.

Additionally, we've reworked the MLO desktop to support even more languages in the future (including input parsing on that language). And, of course, we started with the Ukrainian version.

It often happens that you need to perform the same tasks and in the same sequence. See how you can show these tasks in To-Do. For example, e...

It often happens that you need to perform the same tasks and in the same sequence. See how you can show these tasks in To-Do. For example, every weekday:

1. Set the parent task to repeat every weekday
2. Enable the option "Automatically recur when all subtasks are completed". Here you can learn more about task recurrence.

3. Enable "Subtasks in order"
4. Add subtasks

Dates and recurrences are NOT set for the subtasks, since they are supposed to inherit the parent task's dates.

With this setup, every day in To-Do there is a ready-made list of tasks in order. When all these tasks are completed, they are automatically shifted to the next weekday.

Tip. To have MLO show these tasks only during business hours, assign an @Office context that is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. Learn more.

The system you trust with your tasks needs to be stable and reliable. In MLO, we recommend setting up automatic backup and archiving so that...

The system you trust with your tasks needs to be stable and reliable. In MLO, we recommend setting up automatic backup and archiving so that you don't have to worry about such issues at all.

Why you need a backup

Sometimes there are situations in which data can be lost or corrupted. Most often this happens due to a device system failure or simply by negligence. But no matter what happens, with the help of the backup in MLO you can restore your data without much effort.

Automatic backup in desktop version

In the desktop version the backup option is enabled by default. With each "save" action, MLO creates one previous copy of the file, which you can open at any time in case of any problems with the main file. For more information on how to restore data from a backup, refer to this guide.

Thus, the standard backup saves the state of the file one step back. However, it does not allow you to return what you had a couple of days ago. To do this, you need to enable advanced backup.

Advanced backup in desktop version

For greater confidence in the safety of your data, we recommend enabling Advanced Backup. It allows you to keep several recent copies, as well as automatically create a backup file once a day / week / month.

You can find this option in Tools → Options → Backup.

Tip. Enable Advanced Backup even if you are using Cloud synchronization. Here is a simple example: a user accidentally deleted important tasks and closed MLO. This started the sync, and as a result, tasks were deleted from everywhere, from all synced devices. Now they can be restored only from a previous copy of the data file, that is, from a backup.

Backup in mobile version

In the mobile application, unlike the desktop, there is no automatic backup. Therefore, if you only use the mobile app, we recommend that you periodically back up your profile.

To create a backup (Pro version) go to Settings-> Back up Profile -> Create -> save this file locally or wherever you see fit.

What is Archive

You perform tasks day after day, and the profile grows, slowing down the application, cluttering the current view and creating discomfort. How to solve this problem? It's hard to manually find all the old completed tasks. In addition, you may not want to delete them completely, but leave them just in case or for reference. What is the optimal solution in these cases? Archive!

Archiving in MLO moves old completed tasks to another file, freeing up the current one and leaving them for other purposes in another profile.

Where and how to archive

If you use MLO on multiple devices that are synchronized with each other, then you should archive on only one device. Best on the desktop, because you can set up automatic archiving there:

1. Go to Tools → Options → AutoArchive.
2. Check AutoArchive every N days/day.
3. Configure the rest of the AutoArchive settings.
4. Click OK

Or, you can archive manually when you need it: just go to File -> Archive

In the mobile application (Pro version), the "Archive/Delete tasks" option can be found in the settings. See the video to learn more.

Hi,  I started writing this post shortly before the war broke out in my country, and then I would never have believed that I would have to f...


I started writing this post shortly before the war broke out in my country, and then I would never have believed that I would have to finish it from a bomb shelter.

We condemn the war waged by the Russian government against Ukraine. At this very moment our cities are being destroyed, civilians are dying, including our friends, millions of people have left their homes and are looking for shelter. For more than a month our armed forces have been courageously resisting the superior forces of the invaders. The Ukrainian people fully support their defenders, volunteers are working 24/7, all Ukrainians and the whole world have united and are working for our victory. I am sure that everything will definitely be fine, so the MLO plans mentioned below have not even had to be adjusted now.

Recently, I posted some brief facts about myself, and in this post I want to tell you about our team, how we work in times of war, and also about our future plans. At the end of this post, I invite you to discuss the new features.

Andrey Tkachuk, 

CEO & Founder of MyLifeOrganized

What MLO means to me and who helps me develop it

For more than 15 years I have been leading the development of MLO. Initially, I created this program for myself (here you can learn more about how it happened), and I could not imagine that my product would be loved by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Now MLO is my main project.

We have a small core team working on MLO, consisting of several developers and a customer care specialist. We also actively recruit third-party specialists on a contract basis (design, cloud, marketing, translations, specific mobile development, etc.).

I should note the fact that the development from the very beginning has been carried out only at my own expense without attracting third-party investments.

How we are working during the war

As many of you know, our team is from Ukraine, from Kharkiv. This is the second largest city in Ukraine. Beautiful city of IT specialists and scientists. Russians have been trying to destroy our city since the very first days of the war, but it heroically resists! It hurts and scares us to see that our Kharkiv is among the leaders in terms of the number of destructions (it is easy to find it on the map by looking at this infographic). This is how we remember our Kharkiv before the war. And this (also this) what they're turning it into now...

Fortunately, most of us managed to leave the city for safer places in Ukraine and other countries, and became refugees. Despite the fact that we have gone to different places, we continue to work effectively remotely. Every kind word that we have received from you these days really supports us and gives us strength.

In general, everything that we are now witnessing and experiencing deserves a separate story. But in this post, my point is that we continue to actively work on the application, and are now looking for new channels to promote our beloved app.

If you are looking for a way to help us

We welcome the international sanctions and have suspended sales of our products in Russia. It was a difficult decision for us (the Russian market accounted for a significant share of our sales), but what is going on is totally against our values and we cannot remain silent.

If you are looking for a way to support us, the best way is to help us promote our app. Tell others about us, leave a comment under a popular article, write to your favorite bloggers and tell them about us. Or share with us the contacts of bloggers, influencers and companies that can help us spread MLO and our story to more people.

Upd. Your honest reviews on MLO on Capterra, G2 and similar user review platforms would be greatly appreciated.

You will also greatly support us if you buy a Cloud subscription now for future periods. Even if you decide not to use the cloud, this way you donate and support financially the app development. A part of the funds will also go to volunteers who provide humanitarian assistance, and to our courageous army.

In addition, let us know if you or someone you know is participating in the hosting programs for refugees in the EU and the UK, and is ready to host the families of our team members. We have already gratefully accepted a kind offer from one of our users.

Any effort is much appreciated.

About your data

Rest assured that your data is completely safe. We use Amazon Web Services for our cloud infrastructure. AWS data centers are located in the US and EU, so your data is not affected.

The application does not suffer in any way, because we do not have infrastructure and development servers in Ukraine. The team is distributed and continues to work effectively remotely.

Future plans

Our previously outlined plans remain unchanged and we believe that we will be able to implement everything. We continue to develop our mobile versions and work on a major update for the desktop version.

About Mac version

We receive lots of questions about the Mac version. In short, it is still in our plans. We started working on it and stopped due to changes in Apple's plans (support for iPad on Mac, etc.). At the moment, speaking frankly, it is difficult to say something definite about the timing and free resources for development. I can only say that there is a strong desire to make a good version of MLO for Mac and we are not giving up on the plans. 

Plans for MLO 6 for Windows

We are now actively working on MyLifeOrganized desktop v.6, but we have not yet finalized the entire list of features that will be included. So you have a good chance to influence this list. So far, we can announce the following improvements from our list (but we do not promise anything as of yet ☺):

  • Dark mode
  • Improvements for organizing tasks (e.g. drag and drop to tabs, improved dialog for moving tasks, etc.)
  • Improved visibility (colors for tabs, contexts, ability to set colors of tasks from the toolbar)
  • Task archiving improvements
  • Improved sync conflict handling
  • Improved creating a project from template with a shift of dates (see the latest Android release details)
  • Improved reminders (option to disable temporarily, toolbar icon, etc.)
  • Dashboard — arranging multiple windows with different views on the screen and saving / opening this configuration
  • Ability to schedule tasks according to the required time and available slots (if possible)
  • Ability to block accidental change of a note (or all properties) for some tasks
  • View/edit notes in a separate window
  • Option to calculate project progress by the time required for the project, and not by the effort
  • Improvements related to time required to complete a task
  • Several cool surprise features

What other features would you like to see in the new version? Write in the comments here or in Twitter, RedditFacebookTelegram or our forum your top 3 features for MLO v6 desktop. Please specify why you need it, how it should work, or give an example. And let's discuss together.

Thank you!

Hi, I just thought it might be interesting or even important for you to know who is behind the product you use on a daily basis. Here are so...


I just thought it might be interesting or even important for you to know who is behind the product you use on a daily basis. Here are some brief facts about me:

  • I grew up in the far north. This is where the northern lights and polar bears
  • My first exposure to programming was at school, when my father gave me a programmable calculator (!). Later I won prizes in programming competitions in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk regions where I lived
  • I studied (by the way, my thesis was about artificial intelligence) and live in Ukraine
  • Made my way from a programmer and project manager to Director — Program Management in international software development companies
  • I started writing things down on a piece of paper at school in order to keep up with everything, when the workload increased and I began to go to multiple classes. I came up with different systems. I dreamed that in the future there would be a convenient tool for this. And the dream came true:)
  • I learned about GTD after the first releases of MLO  MLO users told me!
  • The best ideas about new MLO features come during my morning bike rides in the forest, the global ones come after the second week of vacation :)
  • I am fond of psychology, Krav Maga, smart home, building self-sustaining systems, history
  • I have been acting in amateur theater for the last few years
  • Fan of healthy food. I try to eat less light carbohydrates, no snacks and sugar, no meals after 4 p.m.
  • Get energized by meeting interesting people, walking in the forest, fitness, healthy food, documentaries or thought-provoking movies, playing a game of mafia, listening to historical streams
  • Love meeting MLO fans and beta testers in person (we had meetings in Kyiv, New York and Chicago)
  • Very pleased and proud of our Beta team
  • Before the pandemic, with my wife and children we traveled twice a year to different countries. We mostly stayed with local families (via Airbnb and Couchsurfing) to understand from the inside how people live in each country, what and where they eat, how much they pay taxes, bills, etc.
  • A few years ago I realized that business was taking me away from my family and from myself. I had to establish new processes and restore a healthy balance by introducing new schedules and priorities.
  • I know that good sales come from either 1) lots of marketing or 2) product quality and attention to detail. I prefer the second.
  • I treat the project with love, because it helps me and other people enjoy life (I see this every time I read your reviews!)
  • I personally develop the desktop version and cloud sync. Over the years, the team included from 2 to 10 developers and other specialists. Development and support of mobile versions are the most expensive, while bringing the least income.
  • I enjoy finding a balance between simplicity and complexity, design and functionality, user desires and our capabilities.

One of my new hobbies is drumming. Ever since college I wanted to try it. I really feel a surge of energy and, in addition, it is a great stress reliever! What hobbies have you discovered lately? Please share, I'm curious.

In the next post I want to tell you about what new features I plan to add to the next version of MLO for desktop. Stay tuned 😉