Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Full iOS7 Theme Support and Multiselect in New MLO-iPhone release

We are glad to announce that the new version of MyLifeOrganized for iPhone has been submitted to Apple for review and should be available soon for free upgrade.

The main features of this new release:

1. Full iOS7 theme support in all MLO dialogs and new view icons on the main screen.

MLO is now fully native iOS7 app.

New Icons for Views


2. Multiselect and clipboard operations

Choose multiselect mode in the main menu and select several tasks. Once you select the tasks you can move, copy, cut  or delete the selection.
Select several tasks

Long tap a task and click "Clipboard" to copy/cut the task or to paste previously selected task(s) under current task or as child of this task.

Clipboard operations

If you enjoy this new functionality please update your review for MLO on the AppStore.

MyLifeOrganized Team
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