Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Learn how to work with MyLifeOrganized task manager in a few minutes only!

Today the MLO team is reaching one of our big dreams. We are launching the video tutorials section on our corporate website!

From now on, it will be much easier for the newbies to understand how to use the full power of the app and create smart task lists with MyLifeOrganized. You only need to spend a few minutes watching the videos about the basic MLO features. These tutorials already allow users to learn how to create, move and group tasks in MyLifeOrganized, how to add subtasks and complete them in the right order. And, of course, we showed one of the greatest features that sets us apart from other task managers - the Active Actions function that turns your complex hierarchic plan into a small list of tasks that are ready to be handled.

Also we are not forgetting about experienced MLO users. They will soon find videos about certain advanced features of our productivity app with more tips on how to use them effectively.

We will regularly add new videos on the MLO YouTube channel and website, so we suggest you to follow our updates and subscribe to our channel in order not to miss anything useful about MyLifeOrganized features. If you would like to know how to solve a certain task with the help of MLO, just write us here or ask a question in our community. In case of a sufficient amount of the requests, we will make a video about it.

We hope that our video reviews will help you to unleash all the MLO power and become more productive!

Sincerely yours,
The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized