Friday, June 5, 2015

TOP 5 time management blogs and websites

You simply can’t wake up one morning and say that you know everything about time management. Famous experts and gurus always find something new to add, allowing us to manage our life more effectively. If you don’t want to miss some useful tips, we recommend to follow these blogs and websites, which MyLifeOrganized users and team consider to be the best in the field.


Lifehacker. It is certainly one of the biggest websites, where you can find plenty of articles on time management, GTD and productivity with lifehacking tips that anyone can apply.

Lifehack. It’s not all about time management, but we strongly recommend to read the special productivity section, which has so many good materials about goals achievement and beating procrastination. And this can improve time management, agree?

Time Management Ninja - the great blog, where you can learn how to save your time with the right skills, tools and habits, suggested by the blog author, Craig Jarrow. Craig always tries to find the simplest solution for reader’s problems so that they could easy implement it in everyday life.

43 folders is Merlin Mann’s website that will help you to find more time for the things you love and the right balance between work and personal life. Although it was last updated in 2011, 43 folders remains one of the best websites of its kind. It has numerous posts on different topics, so if you havent used this website before, we strongly recommend to start from here.

99u. The blog is a part of Behance project, which considers its goal to make people’s ideas happen. And to achive this, people should learn to manage their time properly. That’s why 99u has so many articles on this topic - you can find them all following this link.

Remember - lost time can’t be replaced with anything, so we should learn to use it wisely!

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