Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The MyLifeOrganized team wishes you happy holidays!

We do not plan to have long vacations. The MLO team still has so many interesting and useful things to do for our users! We are taking into account all the versions of MyLifeOrganized, so here is a little information about each of them.

MLO 2 for Android

Now we are working on stability improvements, using of PUSH technology for sync in a sleep mode, settings of individual reminders. Soon we’ll make it possible to use templates while creating profiles, for example, GTD. We also want to improve the calendar view and allow users to track their productivity in the previous weeks.

MyLifeOrganized 3 for iOS

MyLifeOrganized extends the family of apps for Apple products. Our next update will affect not only familiar MLO for iPhone and iPad. We are going to add MLO for Apple Watch, which is under active development right now!

The new Desktop version

Ten years ago, MyLifeOrganized for Windows became the first product for task management by MyLifeOrganized, which entered the productivity market. And now we are preparing the fifth anniversary release of MyLifeOrganized for Desktop. You will get a streamlined interface, task counters, and other new features of which you have requested.

Sincerely yours,
The MyLifeOrganized Team
Life is easy when organized

Thursday, December 24, 2015

MyLifeOrganized 2 for Android - Navigation and Quick Tips

Are you enjoying MLO 2 for Android? We hope you do. And the MyLifeOrganized Team has something more to add!

We've spent much time puzzling over navigation in MLO 2. It was not so easy to fit all the necessary commands into phone's small screen. But we did it! We post here several navigation tips, which would highly increase the speed and simplicity of using MLO 2. Have fun!

1. Tap a task to select it. With the second tap on a selected task, you will expand or collapse this to-do.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

MyLifeOrganized for Android V2. Released!

The MLO Team is glad to announce that MyLifeOrganized 2 for Android went live! We have started to release MLO 2 gradually in November, adding more devices day by day. And, from this moment, the new version is available for all the devices and users, both on our website and Google Play.

We can say with proud that the new MLO for Android is mostly as powerful, as MyLifeOrganized for Desktop. And this rich functionality is perfectly balanced with app usability, due to the all-new material design UI. From now on it is much easier to be mobile and productive at the same time!

A couple of months ago we wrote the list of features, which the users would get in the new version. At that time we were not quite sure that we would have enough time to release the two main features from that list - editing of views on device and calendar view. We are happy to tell you that both of the functions are available in the released version! You can already see the full feature list and try all of this for free during 30-days trial.

Calendar view became the fourth built-in view in MyLifeOrganized, after Inbox, Starred and Nearby. The calendar view shows the information about your tasks and events for the next few weeks in a graph form. It allows you to see the tasks that have a start date, due date or reminder on the day you’ve selected.

Calendar view in MyLifeOrganized 2 for Android
As for events, they will be uploaded to the graph from the calendar on your device that you will choose. You will also see the duration of your events, which is marked with a special bar on the graph’s timeline.

Along with the calendar view, customizing of views on Android device was also the long-awaited feature. You can now import any views from your MLO for Desktop and edit them right on the device. This way you can filter, sort and group your tasks on the Android device the way you want. Just see the pictures:


Tip: to import your custom views from the Desktop version, just follow these instructions.

And now, it's time to meet the new version and feel its full power!

How to get MLO 2 for Android

Of course, we would appreciate your feedback about MLO for Android V2 very much! Please, do not hesitate and let us know, what you think.

We also want to thank our beta testing team. Guys, you’re the best! With your help, we were able to create a great product, which can now make the life of so many people more organized.

Sincerely yours,
The MyLifeOrganized Team
Life is easy when organized