Monday, January 30, 2017

Conflict Resolution and Transparent Widget in MyLifeOrganized for Android

The latest update for MyLifeOrganized on Android contains two important features: sync conflict resolution and transparency configuration for the widgets.

Conflict Resolution

We already mentioned that in MyLifeOrganized for Android task manager version 2 we've completely redesigned the automatic sync conflict resolution algorithm so that you have fewer conflicts during the sync.

However the conflicts are still possible. For example you can edit the notes for the same task on different devices before syncing them to the cloud. Once you sync them MLO has to decide which version of notes to use. In older releases one of the versions of your notes will be lost after conflict is resolved during the sync. In the new version we have added the User Interface for the conflict resolution. In the easiest scenario after the sync you will see the result of the automatic conflict resolution and just confirm it.

If you need more control of the conflict resolution process you will be able to see the full list of conflicts, identify the values which were rejected during automatic resolution, edit and restore rejected data if needed. The important thing is that the synchronization is not interrupted for conflict resolving and you can process it later at any convenient time without a risk to loose your data.

See how it works:
1. Imagine that the task title was edited on two devices in the same time. Once the sync is finished you will see the yellow notification pane identifying the number of conflicts found.

Conflict detected during sync

2. Click on this yellow pane to see the conflict details.

As you can see the task "Call Bob tomorrow" has one conflict in the Title field. The current value is "Call Bob tomorrow" and the previous conflicted value which was rejected was "Call Bob today"

3. If you agree that the current value is correct you click "Confirm All"  and the rejected values will be deleted to keep current value of the title.

4. If you do not like the result of the automatic conflict resolution you can restore the rejected value or even combine two titles to a new task title.
Conflict resolution editor for the task title

Just click the title field to open the editor for this field. You will see all the rejected values of this filed for the current task. Just copy old value and paste it to the current value. Once you done with editing click Save. As a result you will get the new title of the task and all old conflicted values will be deleted.

We hope that the new conflict resolution subsystem will help you to manage your tasks more effectively.

Transparent Widget

You asked us to add transparency configuration and dark theme to MLO widget and we did it!

Appearance configuration for MLO widgets

MLO widget with transparency and dark theme

Less transparency in dark MLO widget

So now during the widget configuration process you will be able to set the advanced properties for the dark theme and transparency. This will help you to adjust the widget appearance to your Android wallpaper. Hope you like it as much as we do.

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team

Life is easy when organized

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New in MLO for Android: Counters

Friends, we have prepared another big improvement! With the recent MLO-Android update you can see a number of different tasks for views on your Android devices!

Here we will describe the function of counters and their configuration in the view of tasks. This innovation allows you to glance quickly over the list of views and understand how many different tasks require your attention. You don’t even need to open each view.

For example, you can see how many tasks in your Inbox waiting for your processing, even not revealing this view. Or you can see that there is an overdue task appeared in the Active Actions view even without opening it.

As you know, MyLifeOrganized app offers maximum flexibility. Therefore, the most important new feature is the ability to decide what type and what kind of tasks are important to you in the current view: All, completed, not completed, started or overdue.
We took care that you can customize the counter system as it’s convenient for you.

First you go to the settings of view counters.

Go to the counters of the "All Tasks" view and select desired setting. For example, for this view we want to see two counters: the number of not completed tasks and the number of all tasks.

We can see that we have 36 of not completed tasks and 48 of all tasks in this view at the moment.

Important to note that counters consider tasks exactly in the given view. For example, we can count the number of overdue tasks among the tasks with @Home context. To do this, we create a view showing only tasks with @Home context. Next we set for this view a counter of overdue tasks.
Thus, we give instructions for counter from which tasks it can make a count.

Another interesting detail. If you set the option "Hide If Zero", the counter will not appear until at least one task with the given criteria appears. Thus, this option can be viewed as an additional soft notification, along with reminders for time, place and review already available in MLO.

As you know, one of the main MyLifeOrganized advantages - is unlimited hierarchy. As well it is used in the counters. When they are set, you can specify whether to consider only top level tasks or tasks with subtasks.

Stay with us
As you can see, the work of MLO has become even more efficient and comfortable, despite the large number of your various tasks.

This functionality is available in the latest 2.5.x update and it is FREE for all MLO 2 Pro users.

Thank you. Ask questions and write requests!

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team

Life is easy when organized