Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MyLifeOrganized Development Tasks Tracked in MLO

Many people ask me how I use MyLifeOrganized. So I wanted to post a quick screenshot from my current MLO file where I store development tasks. 

Currently this file contains ~7000 tasks divided by small projects (features) and releases. The tabs are configured to show different views like task selected for the next iterations. I use flags to group tasks for different iterations. Sorry for the mix of English and Russian on the screenshot since I use both languages in the same time :)

For my personal life I use another MLO file which is synchronized via MLO-Cloud. My wife Katrin and I are also sharing a separate file for shopping via MLO-Cloud. Thus Katrin can add the shopping items on her iPhone, sync this list to the cloud and I can use this list on my phone in a supermarket.

Andrey Tkachuk

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