Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reach the goal with MyLifeOrganized statistics for past tasks

We continue to improve MyLifeOrganized Android app, so you can still cope better with everyday activities for getting your to-dos finally done.

We are constantly trying to make MLO even more convenient. Therefore, our team took into account some of your previous wishes.
As you know, we updated MLO app for Android some time ago. Now we would like to tell you more about new improvements.

Innovations in the version MLO 2.2:

  • added task statistics for the past in Today view. Choose from completed, created, modified or overdue tasks
  • added quick properties icons on top in the edit mode in the Outline to speed up entering the most frequent task properties
  • less clicks if set due date for a new task
  • current profile zoom will be considered in widget now
  • application start time has been improved
  • fixed an issue when a recurrent task with end date does not stop recurring
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

This post will help you to understand deeper some new features:

1. Now you can see task statistics for the past in Today view. Choose from completed, created, modified or overdue tasks

In the earlier version of MLO you saw only the distribution of tasks for today and for the future. After the upgrade, you will see a complete picture of your actions in the past. You can see how productive you were yesterday or last week.
In MyLifeOrganized you can also focus not only on the result of the problem, but also on the process.

To see how many completed tasks do you have, go to the Today view and pull the graph to the past:

Now we can see how many tasks and events we have done in the past for each day in graph form.

Advice: in the settings of the view Today, you can disable counting of the events on the graph. So it will count only your tasks:


But that is not all. What if we would like to know how many tasks we have added to MyLifeOrganized on a specific date? It is also possible. To do this, switch the filter for the past to 'By Created Date' mode:

In the same way it is possible to see the number of overdue tasks:

All this will help you to understand the full picture of your actions and would give you a reason to set new efficiency goals.

2. MLO keeps your time, therefore we added quick properties icons on top in the edit mode in the Outline:

When you enter a new task, there are basic properties of tasks icons at the top of the screen. You can use them for quickly entering the notes, contexts, due dates or reminders. To enter the other properties of a new task, click the ellipsis.

3. The new version of MLO has less clicks if set due date for a new task

You can spend more time thinking about your life goals, rather than doing unnecessary actions in the app.
In new version when you click the date icon it directly opens the calendar to set the due date or start date (depending on the settings in MLO):


Two of recent innovations greatly reduce the number of unnecessary movements at the most frequent operations in MLO app.
We are constantly trying to find ways how to make MLO even more convenient. So if you see more options how to do this, please let us know in the comments.

Finally, the last improvement we wanted to mention:

4. Current profile zoom will be considered in widget now

For example, you come home so you want to see only tasks for the house. Without work, gym and other things. We put in the application zoom for home, and widget MLO also does it. Now you and your Android fully dedicated to wash dishes ;)


As you can see, the work of MLO has become even more efficient and comfortable.
Ask questions and write requests. And thanks that you are with us!

Best wishes,The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized


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    1. Thank you!
      We are glad that we can help you.

      Have a nice day!)

  2. Any chance on update of windows version to include time tracking at least to the level of Android/iPhone versions, preferably more advanced?

    1. Pavel, unfortunately we can not do it at the moment, but your comments are forwareded to MLO product owner.
      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Any update in this matter? Is there the windows version upgrade planned?

  3. Hi, the images in this post are missing, could you please update?