Friends, we have great news for you! MyLifeOrganized for Android got the workspaces - which are similar to tabs in the desktop versio...

New in MyLifeOrganized: Workspaces for Android

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Friends, we have great news for you!

MyLifeOrganized for Android got the workspaces - which are similar to tabs in the desktop version.
Who knows what it means, for certain you are happy ;)
For the rest, we will explain this update in detail.

Previously, you had to make a lot of actions to focus on one task or project. For example, to switch between the different branches of tasks in a big task tree, it was necessary to have a long scrolling first to find needed task, then re-adjust the zoom, select the desired view and configure other filters. And repeat it again and again.

And now you have workspaces in MLO, which saves your time and helps to manage to-dos more efficiently. You set up once the desired configuration of the focus, view and filters. Next you save them as a wokrspace, and finally you can switch between them very quickly.

For example, in one workspace you focus on the branch Work with a View "Active Actions", filtered by the context @calls. And in another workspace you adjust the zoom at the House with a View "All Tasks" and context filter @computer. Now, fast switching between these areas restores the proper configuration, and you see only the tasks that are needed now.

Detailed steps

At first from the all tasks you open the left main menu.
Next you need to select the switch workspaces icon.


You are in workspaces now.
And you would like to concentrate on your future around the world trip.
Therefore, you can click + and create a new "Travel" workspace.


Next, in the "Travel" you set the zoom and other desired filters.


Now you can easily switch between the workspaces, adjust them for yourself and quickly focus on relevant tasks.

Moreover, you can create a lot of workspaces in MyLifeOrganized app.

Screenshot_2016-04-05-01-00-19 (1).png

Workspaces retain: Active view, the selected task, zoom, text filter, context filter, completed tasks visibility, as well as the search mode. A couple of clicks and you are ready to carry out the required tasks. Do you agree that it is quite convenient?)

The widget can be tied to the workspace
Before in Android app you could not customize the widget to show only one branch of tasks. If the application zoom was removed, it disappeared from the widget too. The same applies to the context filters and other settings.

Now you are connecting workspace with the widget, and the zoom is saved.

We can show you.
In the widget settings select the "Travel" workspace. Just enjoy these tasks regardless of which workspace the application shows itself.

Screenshot_2016-04-06-14-45-03.png     Screenshot_2016-04-05-00-56-23.png

You can also create workspaces of the search results:


As a result you can create a variety of workspaces with different search queries and switch between them quickly.

We remind you that the workspaces for Android are similar to tabs in the desktop MyLifeOrganized application. Detailed description of the tabs you can read in the help for the desktop version or in our blog. Also workspaces has long been used in the iOS version of MLO.

As you can see, the work of MLO has become even more efficient and comfortable, despite the large number of your various tasks.
Ask questions and write requests. And thanks that you are with us!

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized


  1. Great, thank you very much!

  2. Awesome! Can we synchronize workspaces from desktop like we synchronize views?

    1. MLO does not allow workspace synchronization at the moment.

  3. Can we have a widget for each Workspace? This does not seem to be working currently. I have a widget set for Home and another set for Work. Both display the same tasks.

    1. Never mind. This issue seems to have resolved itself later this morning. :)

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  6. Is synchronize workspaces between desktop & devices on the future feature list? With what priority?

    1. We do not have it in plans for nearest future.

  7. Hello,

    How can we create a workspace from a search?

    Thank you.

    1. Just start the search in the left panel and then create new workspace. The search will be stored for this workspace. You can also create text filter for a workspace filter which is different since shows only tasks which meets filter criteria.

  8. Is synchronize workspaces between desktop & devices on the future feature list? With what priority.

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    1. This feature is not the top priority at this time.

  9. is there a way to make tasks be repeating?

    1. Sure, you may set up recurrence: edit task->recurrence. Complex recurrence pattern can be set up on MLO-desktop and synced to mobile.