Thursday, June 22, 2017

Statistics — Being Smarter with Android Task Manager

A great improvement has been added to MyLifeOrganized Android task manager – the latest update concerns the feature of Statistics. This can be accessed through MLO settings in Profile section.

Note: This functionality has been released as an experimental feature for now. Learn more how to get access to it.

Statistics deals with gathering data to explore the usage of various items available within the app. As you can see, these include the total to-do items, completed tasks, projects, flags, as well as many others. How many tasks and suspended projects do I have? How many of them did I complete yesterday? How many tasks did I add last year? To these and other questions a new statistics feature gives the answer.

For instance, here is how the screen looks like for Completed tasks and for Projects. As you can see, there are 25 tasks completed this week and there are 3 suspended projects in the current profile.

Make your own investigation to discover how you may improve your way of planning and organizing. You may track your progress, compare data in your profiles using different strategies, as well as study your diligence. Furthermore, this allows you to evaluate the profile for the number of old tasks and decide on the archiving (will be described in another article). Any other ideas? Feel free to share them with us!

Tip: You would need to run the Pro version to use the new Statistics feature.
We've also prepared a video with a brief overview of the new feature:

Remember: Life is easy when organized, twice easy when statistized!

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team

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