Friends,  we are glad to let you know that MyLifeOrganized iOS Task Manager  has been taught to add reminders using voice! MLO users hav...

New in MLO for iOS: Siri reminders processing for your tasks

Friends,  we are glad to let you know that MyLifeOrganized iOS Task Manager has been taught to add reminders using voice!

MLO users have long been asking us to connect Siri to MLO through the Reminders app. Why would we need that and what is it for?

As you know, in iOS there is a standard application called Reminders. iOS allows you to use Siri, the built-in voice assistant, to add new reminders to the Reminders app. In other words, you can say “Hey Siri” and literally dictate a new task indicating the reminder time. Such task will first be added to the Reminders system app:


And we’ve made it exactly as you asked — you can dictate a new Siri reminder and after launching the MLO this task will be in <Inbox>. This makes the reminders adding process effortless and quick.

Let us consider how to set it up.

First, we tap to activate the "Import reminders" setting in MLO Settings-> Reminders. Next, we select the list from the Reminders app to be processed by MLO:

Tip. To make it more organized, you can create a separate reminder list in Reminders specifically intended for MLO. In this case other lists will not be processed.

Now we just add a new reminder to this list in Reminders and launch the MLO.

Thus, at the time of launch, MLO will transfer all tasks from the chosen list in the Reminders app to the <Inbox> folder in MLO with given reminder time or assigning the appropriate context for the location-based reminder (if set):

We've also prepared a video with a brief overview of the new feature:


Be assured — you are bound to be twice productive with the new Siri reminder functionality in MyLifeOrganized. This feature gives you a new lease when you need to take prompt decisions and produce effective solutions. On top of that, you are now provided with a whole new method for creating planning systems and lists.  

Note: You would need to run the Pro version to use the new feature "iOS Reminders".

Please feel free to share your impressions, comments and takeaways.

Stay tuned!

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team

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  1. Any possibility of a similar feature on Android?

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Dan. We are considering the possibility of this feature on Android. Stay tuned!

  2. Is this feature available for Windows/Microsoft based mobiles?
    Emma Charlotte |

    1. The feature is not supported on Windows/Microsoft based mobiles.

  3. When is MLO for mac coming out???

    1. MLO-Mac has been in our plans for a long time and we have already taken initial steps towards its development. But this process requires a lot of resources, and it's a bit too soon for us to give timeframes for release on the new platform. We are aware of the need for MLO on Mac and will notify the community as soon as there is any news.
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  4. Does it work in spanish?

    1. Yes, it should be working fine, try it out.