Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MyLifeOrganized for Mac News

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Guys, we have something to tell users who are interested in a native version of MLO for Mac OS. If it’s you, please read on. 

Note: if you subscribed to our "MLO for Mac" news, you should have already received the same email.

First of all, we would like to thank you for playing an active role in the development of our product, your feedback is very important for us!

As you may know, MLO-Mac has been in our plans for a long time. Now we are at a moment when we must have the final cost estimates. As a small team we have to be pragmatic and carefully allocate resources.

We must admit we received more MLO-Mac subscribers than expected which indicates there is considerable interest in MLO-Mac. This triggered us to take initial steps towards MLO-Mac development by preparing to port the iOS version to Mac. But there is still a lot of work before MLO-Mac is ready for release. On the other hand, a number of users would prefer a web version. That’s why we need your vote again.

We’ve prepared a short survey to find out if our users’ preferences have changed. Its results will dictate the way forward for MLO development and will help us to set timelines for improvements and additions.

take the survey
Your opinion is crucial for us. There are just a few questions and it will take not more than 1-2 minutes. We appreciate your time and hope to reward you with improved software and service. Thank you!

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team


  1. Any updates on this survey?
    Will we finally have an Mac version?

    1. come on, same as initial "We're considering developing Mac version" announcement, this survey may take years to complete following months of waiting until the very basic release (paid!) will be available to public… Probably MLO Team is not in a hurry to release it in our lifetime.

    2. The survey has shown that there is not very high demand for MLO-Mac therefore we decided to put it on hold for now. The MLO team is currently working hard on a new version of MLO on Windows and all our resources are directed towards it. We will take the final decision on MLO-Mac after the MLO-Windows v.5 release. As a result, we are not ready to answer your question at this moment. Please stay tuned and thank you for understanding.

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  3. I would love for there to be a mac version. But failing that, please consider developing a web browser version. I use a Mac and an android phone. On my macbook, it's not so much having to have a native application, it's more about using the keyboard, mouse, and large screen real estate. I think you have a few competitors that do this successfully - - that it, avoid the cost of having to develop different native apps for the diiferent platforms.