Monday, May 14, 2018

Neat Improvement: Counters for MLO5

We are going to describe another great improvement for the new MyLifeOrganized Task organizer for Windows v.5 — Counters! This feature allows us to see a number of different types of tasks for different views in your current profile.

As you know, the MyLifeOrganized app offers maximum flexibility. In particular, it is the ability to decide which type of tasks are important to you in the current view. With counters you will be able to quickly look through the list of views and understand how many different tasks require your attention, without necessarily opening this or that view.

Basically, the counters include such categories of tasks as “all”, “completed”, “not completed”, “started” and “overdue”. You can choose which categories of tasks and in which views to count.

Let us consider setting up. Click on the “gear” button on the views pane  (or right-click on the view list) -> “Manage views…” and select the view you wish to set up counters for. Now check “Show Counters” and select the category of tasks to be counted. Here is how it looks:

Counters in MLO5
You may adjust some other options here as well:

You can specify whether to consider only top level tasks or tasks with subtasks;
You may enable "Hide If Zero", so that the counter will not appear until at least one task with the given criterion is found in the given view. Thus, this option can be viewed as an additional soft notification, along with reminders for time, place and review already available in MLO.

For example, you can see how many tasks in your Inbox are waiting for your processing, even not revealing this view. Or you can see that there is an overdue task appeared in the Active Actions view even without opening it.

Note: Counters can be set up for both default and custom views. Remember that you can apply filters for a view to show only tasks with a particular context, flag, text etc. Thus, you give instructions to the counter from which task lists it can make a count.

Counters can be enabled for tabs as well. Right click the tab and select “Set up Workspace…”, then check “Show view counter on tab”. This way it is easy to check whether items in a specific view within a workspace require to be processed.

Counters for tabs
As you can see, working with MLO has now become even more comfortable and quick, despite the large number of your various tasks in different profiles.

We have taken care that you can customize the counter system as it’s convenient for you, and now we are awaiting your comments. Please share them with us!

The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized

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