The MLO team is glad to announce that MyLifeOrganized 5 task manager for Windows is now live! It was a long way to the major update of ...

MyLifeOrganized 5 for Windows has been released!

 The MLO team is glad to announce that MyLifeOrganized 5 task manager for Windows is now live!

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It was a long way to the major update of the application we all love and use every day. We are very grateful to all our beta testers for their time, efforts, priceless feedback and endless support. You have been our best companions in this journey!

With a new polished, clean and more intuitive interface MLO is now even more effective and convenient in usage. We have redesigned MLO 5 trying to achieve as simple and clear user interface as it is possible in such a sophisticated software.

Speaking about functionality, there are many cool features to discover. Here are the main updates in MLO 5:
  • New look and feel
  • Two-way synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Notes formatting with Markdown
  • Task counters for views
  • New Text Tag property added to tasks for search, group and sort tasks
  • Extended set of the hotkeys
  • Improved automatic sync with the Cloud
  • New dialog to manage views
  • Task properties divided to preview and edit modes
  • Status bar to show info like total tasks in view, total time required etc

We will keep improving MLO5 and have the following plans in our list:
  • Improve MLO5 look and feel for high-DPI monitors
  • Improve Markdown usage
  • Improve info in the status bar
  • and more
In addition to the above-mentioned, there are more than 70 small issues fixed and handy improvements added. Learn more what's new and how to upgrade on our website.
The new version is completely free for the first 15 days for the current MLO users (45 days for new users). After that to continue using the new features you can proceed with free or paid upgrade. In any case, you can always return to the existing version.

Note: If you are a registered user of MLO 4, you get a 50% discount for upgrade to MLO 5.

You may be wondering if it is wise to invest in upgrading. Here are the main reasons why the upgrade to MLO 5 is beneficial.

We hope the new MLO 5 will be your most effective assistant in mastering tasks and achieving goals. Thanks for choosing MyLifeOrganized, stay tuned!


  1. Sorry, but it looks like a small update, not a major release at all.
    Can't see a reason to upgrade even with a discount.

  2. which version can support High Resolution ( High-DPI ) monitors ,
    we waited for it long time

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We are working on the update with High-DPI support now. It will be announced soon.