With a great pleasure I’d like to introduce you upcoming changes in MyLifeOrganized application version 4.0 for Windows. As you prob...

New User Interface in MyLifeOrganized ver. 4.0

With a great pleasure I’d like to introduce you upcoming changes in MyLifeOrganized application version 4.0 for Windows.

As you probably have already noticed, the way how MyLifeOrganized Desktop version looks have not been updated for a while. The first version of MLO was released in 2004 and it looked like this.

Later, the User Interface has been significantly improved, we added the possibility to color the tasks, flag them, added features of automatic formatting and columns. MLO appearance became much better.

And all this time the MLO team has been constantly improving and fully developing the internal mechanisms and logic of the MLO program since we are sure that such high-class Task Manager, which is daily used by huge amount of people, should be thoroughly verified till the smallest details. This is the reason why we pay so much attention to the details of the internal implementation, stability and performance.

Probably the result of such hard work can not be shown immediately, however you can see it from the details in the development change log. One of the important steps in progress of our improvements was the recent transition to the new UNICODE development environment since with this movement we have gained the ability to use the most modern tools and controls in our development.
Also a lot of efforts were devoted to the developing of MLO program for the major mobile platforms and the introduction of MLO Cloud synchronization service. The young and successful MLO team is confident that the future for such applications is in the mobile solutions, and I am personally glad that this time we have achieved good results in this direction.

Now it's time to roll up the sleeves and clothe our flagship product in a new modern User Interface. Because not only MLO program should be fully functional, fast and reliable, but also it should be pleasure to use the MLO.


So we are happy to present a new concept, which will be available soon in MLO ver. 4.0 for Windows:
MLO ver. 4.0. Draft.

What’s new.
Tabs  - one of the major changes. You can create multiple tabs for your file, switch between them to look at your tasks from different sides. For example, in one tab you can work on a current project in the other – view a small household chores and the third tab -handle the Inbox. Tabs are treated as an inside workspace where MLO stores individual settings for the selected view, additional filters, zoom, etc. Thus, you can quickly switch to desired "configuration" inside the file and work with a separate part of it.
All the tabs show different parts of the same data file. To work with other file, as before, user should open another copy of the MLO. Also there is a possibility to open a tab in a separate window which allows simultaneous view the multiple lists.

The left panel is designed for switching between views with a single click.Views can be shown in groups if needed. The fine-tuning of the current view will be shown in the same area in the left panel by switching the tab at the bottom. 

Right Panel - Task Properties. As before it is possible to select multiple tasks and change the properties of multiple tasks at once. User can open just the needed section of properties and quickly switch between them.

Toolbar.We decided to add a toolbar feature with the list of major commands. This will help the beginners to get started quickly with the MLO program. Professional hotkeys users will be able to disable the toolbar feature and get more space for the task list.

The full path to the current task is going to be displayed at the top, having more space.

Keeping the MLO lightweight was one of the main objectives gained during the design of the new version.
We were very carefully during selecting of the new professional controls in order to avoid slowness of the  MLO application.

MyLifeOrganized ver. 4.0 will contain not only UI improvements.There is a set of new functions that we also plan to include to the new version, for example the hierarchical filter that has been requested by many our users. But this will be a story for the other post :).

No need to wait.
Finally I want to remind that all new users who have purchased a MLO license for Windows  less than one year before new release will get new MLO ver.4.0 fro FREE. So there is no need to postpone your purchase - if you buy a license now, you will receive a free MLO ver. 4.0. And the old users will be able to upgrade with a good discount as always!

Andrey Tkachuk
MyLifeOrganized Architect.