With a great pleasure I’d like to introduce you upcoming changes in MyLifeOrganized application version 4.0 for Windows. As you prob...

New User Interface in MyLifeOrganized ver. 4.0

With a great pleasure I’d like to introduce you upcoming changes in MyLifeOrganized application version 4.0 for Windows.

As you probably have already noticed, the way how MyLifeOrganized Desktop version looks have not been updated for a while. The first version of MLO was released in 2004 and it looked like this.

Later, the User Interface has been significantly improved, we added the possibility to color the tasks, flag them, added features of automatic formatting and columns. MLO appearance became much better.

And all this time the MLO team has been constantly improving and fully developing the internal mechanisms and logic of the MLO program since we are sure that such high-class Task Manager, which is daily used by huge amount of people, should be thoroughly verified till the smallest details. This is the reason why we pay so much attention to the details of the internal implementation, stability and performance.

Probably the result of such hard work can not be shown immediately, however you can see it from the details in the development change log. One of the important steps in progress of our improvements was the recent transition to the new UNICODE development environment since with this movement we have gained the ability to use the most modern tools and controls in our development.
Also a lot of efforts were devoted to the developing of MLO program for the major mobile platforms and the introduction of MLO Cloud synchronization service. The young and successful MLO team is confident that the future for such applications is in the mobile solutions, and I am personally glad that this time we have achieved good results in this direction.

Now it's time to roll up the sleeves and clothe our flagship product in a new modern User Interface. Because not only MLO program should be fully functional, fast and reliable, but also it should be pleasure to use the MLO.


So we are happy to present a new concept, which will be available soon in MLO ver. 4.0 for Windows:
MLO ver. 4.0. Draft.

What’s new.
Tabs  - one of the major changes. You can create multiple tabs for your file, switch between them to look at your tasks from different sides. For example, in one tab you can work on a current project in the other – view a small household chores and the third tab -handle the Inbox. Tabs are treated as an inside workspace where MLO stores individual settings for the selected view, additional filters, zoom, etc. Thus, you can quickly switch to desired "configuration" inside the file and work with a separate part of it.
All the tabs show different parts of the same data file. To work with other file, as before, user should open another copy of the MLO. Also there is a possibility to open a tab in a separate window which allows simultaneous view the multiple lists.

The left panel is designed for switching between views with a single click.Views can be shown in groups if needed. The fine-tuning of the current view will be shown in the same area in the left panel by switching the tab at the bottom. 

Right Panel - Task Properties. As before it is possible to select multiple tasks and change the properties of multiple tasks at once. User can open just the needed section of properties and quickly switch between them.

Toolbar.We decided to add a toolbar feature with the list of major commands. This will help the beginners to get started quickly with the MLO program. Professional hotkeys users will be able to disable the toolbar feature and get more space for the task list.

The full path to the current task is going to be displayed at the top, having more space.

Keeping the MLO lightweight was one of the main objectives gained during the design of the new version.
We were very carefully during selecting of the new professional controls in order to avoid slowness of the  MLO application.

MyLifeOrganized ver. 4.0 will contain not only UI improvements.There is a set of new functions that we also plan to include to the new version, for example the hierarchical filter that has been requested by many our users. But this will be a story for the other post :).

No need to wait.
Finally I want to remind that all new users who have purchased a MLO license for Windows  less than one year before new release will get new MLO ver.4.0 fro FREE. So there is no need to postpone your purchase - if you buy a license now, you will receive a free MLO ver. 4.0. And the old users will be able to upgrade with a good discount as always!

Andrey Tkachuk
MyLifeOrganized Architect.


  1. This looks great!

    How will these tabs/views work across the Cloud?
    If I make changes, will they sync automatically? If not, will there be a way to export/import to other computers?

  2. As for me, I switch between Outline and ToDo MUCH frequently than between contexts, so the new interface will be less convenient for me. Due to the fact that the left panel are eaten off the screen space, I will be forced to hide her often and get back to switch the view. And again. And again, again and again.

    Bad news.

  3. What I need is the Windows Phone 7 version!

  4. About when do you think this will become available?

  5. Andrey - looks interesting to me. FYI pay attention to mkll.

    Mkll whoever you are please join the MLO mailing lists (google group) so you can help us understand the problem and guide Andrey to a better solution.

    Mark Levison
    Agile Pain Relief Consulting

  6. @Arman Views settings are not synced to cloud now. We also do not plan to sync the tab settings. You may want to use different setup at home and at work with the same file. With views you can import/export now to move them across your computers. We plan the same with tabs.

  7. @mkll

    I see the following solutions:
    1) You can setup two tabs with different views and then hide the left panel. Now switch using tabs as you did before. The only difference is that each tab has own zoom. I will think it over.
    2) You can leave left panel and hide tabs. In left panel create two groups with views. If you click on group the last selected view from this group is activated. This is the same as switch tabs now but using the left panel.

    As Mark mentioned we can discuss more details on forum.


  8. @Tess
    We already started testing some of the functionality. I do not have any promises now. I think months.

    1. I think months....
      1,2,6,12,24? The concept of "months" is not defined.

    2. >No need to wait.
      >I think months.
      Are there any news about release date? Every day you postpone it - you say to many people "sorry, but you won't get it for free, because your license is expired :P".

    3. I'm okay with the team taking their time to craft a good product. For the value that I get out of MLO, I'm willing to be patient and let them do their thing. Keep in mind that they are working on several different platforms now, not just Windows so it's going to take more time for those of us who want a desktop AND a mobile app. They're doing the best they can regardless.

  9. Hi, any comments regarding the IPad testing? Thanks

  10. I'd like to suggest a change on the properties pane:
    imho, it's too much comprehensive... it has way too much options.
    It's good to have all them, for sure!
    In my experience, 90% of the actions do not need so many properties set.
    There are properties I never use, and other properties I use really few times.
    I'd suggest this change to the pane:
    1) in the "Properties" page, add another collapsible section, "Task notes", and put there the notes. This way, we have *all* the properties on that page
    2) the current "Task Notes", change it to "Main" (or whatever) and allow us to design it ourselves, by drag and drop of the control sections that currently are inside the Properties page

    This way, we could have a customized page that would use most of the time, and resort to "Properties" on the other few cases

    Myself, I would put "Notes", "Contexts" and "Effort"

    I'd like to make another suggestion more: add a "Class", "Type", "Kind" or whatever you want to call it, to the actions.

    Currently we have "de-facto" two classes: Projects and Tasks. I'd like to have more classes added, so I could have a different class for "Someday/Maybe" items, "Inbox" items, "Delegated" items...

    If we had the properties customized page designed on a per-class basis, I think this could work good

    This was long! *blushes*

  11. Just a comment in regards to aesthetics but I love the new MLO logo with the tree and checkmark. Hope you guys stick with that and use that for the new icon for v 4.0.

  12. Are you guys going to leave mac osx out this time again? :(

  13. Kitus, there's nothing that really says that they have to make one for Mac OSX. Unless they've stated they are and don't then you can make such a claim. Otherwise, all you can do is request, not demand.

  14. I would like to ask that you have plans to implement calendar view or Gantt view, or at least export to ical or something like that?

  15. I just started testing MLO and it seems like a great tool. Perhaps you can fix a couple of things in the next release.

    1. Reminders are a big deal to me and MLO currently has very limited functionality - there should be a way to define the reminder message since many projects can have the same or similar task names. The current way is all but useless. Also I found many similar complaints/requests in the goggle group...

    2. WiFi sync - I got the trail to test MLO thinking I was getting the Pro version to test for 45 days; but when I try to test the Sync I get an error that it is not possible with the trial. FYI someone who uses your product for over a month on their desktop AND mobile device will be more likely to pay for the full product than someone who could not try the full functionality...

  16. Windows critical: Need decent printing. I use for projects at work and cannot share anything but PDF or paper as MLO no part of corporate install. Great for initial organization, then export and use Excel from that point forward.

    Windows important: As indicated above, a calendar view with filters would help get the overall "Work in Process" effort more visual.

    iPad: disappointed that the iPad was not even mentioned in this blog. Looks like you have abandoned the entire non-windeows community.

    Beta release: give us a Beta release without tech support so we can get better organized without waiting for perfection.

    Kanban: Look at book Personal Kanban and ensure this concept can be easily implemented. I use it now, but don't want to loose functionality AND the idea is a great template to include in application library.

    Tech roadmap: broaden release across more platforms (iPad, iPhone) instead of deepening the functionality of existing platforms. No one will leave you, but limited growth.

    Cloud: very important as we are all using multiple devices and expect more as we leave our core destination (iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, NetBook with windows).

    Web UI: add a SAAS model. Let me access my information when my personal devices are not available (such as work, guest at another location, kiosk, etc.)

    Security; critical as I want to store product ideas and other tasks. Need to be able to trust storage is secure (and data will not be lost or corrupted).

    Thanks for opportunity to share.

  17. I would love to see a sample screenshot at some point of the home page.. I really love the android app and the only reason I haven't purchased the PC software and a cloud subscription is look and feel. If I knew 4.0 was going to have the same current look and feel or similar to the android app I'd buy the current version now to invest in the product. ivoryviolet@gmail.com I can't really tell with the artist sketch whether or not it is standard old windows gui style or not

  18. The space under task is unused... It could be like "more" button and we could see at least Notes under the task. Now verticaly in task window too much space is wasted...

  19. I'm hoping that MLO 4 will feature true 'drag and drop' where I will be able to drag and drop not before or after a task but drag it easily to become a subtask without resorting to clicking the right or left buttons to make it one.

    1. this already works if you drop it exactly onto the task's caption and not in a free space of the task line

  20. 6 month for a UI change, nothing yet, why even bother giving out previews ?

  21. When will this update be available?

    I'd like to see previews. The old UI works but it is not really comfortable.

  22. Yeah, I have to say I'm wanting to know now too. It's been since November and still no release. With no post updates on development, I'm not sure if I'd consider that "being available soon" as was stated in the post regarding version 4. Word on development would be nice.

  23. This has gotten utterly ridiculous,
    You haven't updated that iOS thing even once.
    I'm removing my subsciption from MLO mailing list and getting rid of every install I have on my PC / iPhone.

    I don't want to hear from you ever again.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Not sure if anyone saw my earlier comment but after looking at my other task manager software, it couldn't hold a straw to MLO. Nothing has been as flexible as MLO v.3 and so I'm willing to hold out for version 4.

      That being said, Andrey, you do need to communicate to your customer base. An update every once in a while wouldn't hurt.

    3. Math, not sure if you'll ever see this but what were you looking for in the update for iOS? I didn't see another post in the comments section where you stated you were looking for this update? Are you looking for something specific?

  24. Any news about update? this post is over 6 months old ...

  25. Any news about update? this post is over 6 months old ...

  26. Hello Andrey,
    you promised that all user which buy a 3.x MLO will get a free update if they bought it up to one year before release of MLO4.0.
    You promised this in Nov. last year, so for become in effect your new MLO software should released before Nov this year ? This is what most users will expect if you promise this!
    I have my Licence already much longer, but also waiting for an update because there are a few issues in cloud syncing. If the sync with your cloud makes trouble, you can support Toodledo? Toodledo is well proved and works fine.
    Sometime we have to decide to stay in an old piece of software or to check for a more current one ?
    Best regards, hope you can release an update soon.

    1. Throw us a bone Andrey. I love MLO but it's been 7 1/2 months with no word.

    2. @Wolfgang
      The date for the free upgrade to MLO4 is set to July 25th, 2011 so even more people will get free upgrades. All the other registered users will get a discount for upgrade to MLO4. More details: http://blog.mylifeorganized.net/2012/08/mylifeorganized-v4.html

  27. Hello Andrey,

    please give us an estimated release date for the nex MLO version at least.

    Kind regards, Thomas

  28. Hello
    I need in this program for organaize my work but have you got version for team and with update for iphone. I need in only team version.

  29. Kanban view would be awesome and I presume not too difficult to implement in the new MLO 4 tabbed view.
    Each entry would simply need another field - backlog / doing / done and would be able to poll priority from the already existing fields - urgency and priority.

    Then, another view would simply be crated with the 3 vertical swimlanes (backlog, doing, done). Further ideas for functionality could subsequently be added with say, a horizontal swimlane - tasks with due dates on the top and non-dated tasks on the bottom.

    What an awesome addition this would be!! MLO is great but lacking visual cues on project / task progress which KANBAN adds. I do not wish to use two tools for the job. Please consider adding!

  30. I agree - Kanban view would make this the most complete and useful planning software available