Russian/Русская версия UPDATE : MyLifeOrganized v.4.0 has been released as stable release. Use "check update" from the applicat...

MyLifeOrganized v.4 PUBLIC Release Candidate

UPDATE: MyLifeOrganized v.4.0 has been released as stable release. Use "check update" from the application or install it from our site.
We have great news for all MyLifeOrganized fans before the New Year! We are excited to announce that MyLifeOrganized v. 4.0 PUBLIC Release Candidate is available for download and upgrade.
Well, it was a long way to this new major release of our flagship product and I personally like this new version very much.  We are proud that MLO v.4 is a team effort of more than 550 beta testers from all parts of the world gathered together to improve the application we all love and use every day.

Just to give you an idea of the effort made I will show you some numbers:
  • MLO v.4 initial alpha was released to beta testers in August 2012
  • 547 topics were discussed on beta forum since this first release with uncountable posts
  • 318 small and big improvements made in MLO v.4 based on the feedback from beta testers
  • 25 application updates have been released during beta testing

Some beta testers think that MLO v.4 still needs some improvements before releasing. I agree that there are always ways to improve things but I decided to release MyLifeOrganized now to make all of us a good present before New
Year :-) The current state of MLO v.4 is awesome and we decided to show it to you now. We are not going to stop the improvements and will keep listening to your suggestions.

Why is it still Release Candidate?
The current version is absolutely stable and can be used in real life. I have been personally using it for 5 months already and did not have any data loss. The beta testers have been using MLO v. 4 for ~4 months and can confirm that it is stable.
We still plan to do the following before the final release:

  • update help documentation. For now MLO 3 help file is included to the installation. If you have any questions about using MLO v.4 you can post them on our community forum and our beta testers will be happy to help
  • improve some functionality and minor visual issues


The links for downloading MyLifeOrganized v. 4.0 PUBLIC Release Candidate:
Zip archive:

UPDATE: MyLifeOrganized v.4.0 has been released as stable release. Use "check update" from the application or install it from our site.

About upgrade procedure
Let me remind you our standard upgrade policy: if you purchased MLO less than 12 months from the new major release date you will get the free upgrade. If you purchased MLO more than 12 months from the release date you will get a significant discount for the upgrade.
With MLO v.4 we wanted even more people to get free upgrade. So anyone, who purchased MLO on or after July 25th, 2011 will get free upgrade to MLO v.4. As you can see it is more than 12 months to the release date so more people will be able to get this update for free.
The rest of the registered users will get significant discount for the upgrade.
You can perform your free or paid upgrade on this page:

When you install MLO v.4 over your current registered version it will give you 15 days of trial period so that you can try it and decide when to upgrade.
IMPORTANT: once you save your data file in new MLO v.4 format you will not be able to read this file with MLO v.3. So please make sure you have backups. The best way to backup is to use MLO-Cloud. You can always download your data from MLO-Cloud to MLO v.3 or to MLO v.4 and use them in parallel.

What’s new?
Here I will list only main improvements in MLO v.4:

  • New interface with tabs making it easy to manage big task lists
  • Open tasks in new window to drag&drop your tasks from one branch to another
  • Advanced hierarchical filtering (see my previous post about it)
  • Review functionality – make it easy to perform your GTD weekly reviews
  • Automatic cloud synchronization – never forget to sync your data to cloud anymore
  • Password protection to open your data files
  • and more!

FREE MLO-Cloud offer
To celebrating our MLO v.4 release we are currently offering a month of FREE MLO-Cloud for those who upgrade! Please note that the offer is time limited. Please upgrade
before 10-feb-2013 to get this FREE cloud offer.
How to get your free cloud:
1. Run MLO v.4 registered with your Activation Code
2. Open About dialog: Help->About...
3. If MLO is connected to the Internet you will see the free cloud offer announcement. Click this announcement and follow the instructions.

Once you receive the free cloud subscription code you can apply it to your existing or new MLO-Cloud account.

Thank your for your feedback which really help us to make MyLifeOrganized better!

Andrey Tkachuk


  1. Thank you! Downloaded MLO v.4. Testing.

  2. Can't recieve activation code. I enter my email here
    and you send me only my android mlo code. What to do now?

    1. Check your spam folder - that is what happened to me during Beta testing.

  3. Great, but is the mobile (android) app also compatible?
    I don't use it much but mobile access is awesome sometimes ;)

    1. Yes.

      I sync'ed heavily over MLO Cloud in the beta phase, without problems. I didn't try WiFi Sync, but it was tested by other beta testers.

    2. Thank you! then i'm going to upgrade ;)

  4. When can we expect the Russian localization?

  5. @Leo: Thanks! :)
    @Vavant: check spam folder; check the registration date as described;
    @Paul: Sure all mobile versions work with MLO v.4
    @Роман: It is available. Check our Russian forum

  6. Hello,
    So, am I correctly understood - no calendar view in this version too, right?

  7. " no calendar view in this version too, right?" OH NOooooooooooooooooooooo!

  8. Thank you! I love the app. Upgraded.

  9. MyLifeOrganized, please reply about calendar view if possible. Thanks.

  10. You have done great work, but it is completely unacceptabe in 2012 to restrict Task Notes with TXT mode only. I use many tables and links in my work (links to outlook emails, skype, some my own protocols) and none of them can be used in MLO. Even file, http, ftp links that are supported look ugly without ability to assign text to a link (link just replaces the text).

  11. I agree. I have to use Evernote to attach pictures and videos (from phone camera or copied from websites) to my notes. I would love do do it all in MLO!

  12. @Sev-stalker
    We do not have "calendar" in this version. We had a big discussion with beta-testers and still did not find a good solution for now. Everyone has his/her opinion how it should work. So we are still in design phase. I plan a separate post on this topic.

    Thank you! :)

    @Alex; @Imbuter
    We do not plan to allow attach videos and other big attachments to MLO since it is a task manager not database. We prefer stable and fast work of MLO on the area it is designed for: intellectual task management. We do think about adding rich formatting to the notes but we need to think how it will be synced to all mobile devices we support now.

    1. "We do not plan to allow attach videos and other big attachments to MLO since it is a task manager not database. We prefer stable and fast work of MLO on the area it is designed for: intellectual task management."

      I fully support this. I love MLO for its speed when managing tasks. I have no interest in MLO as a database. There are other software for that.

    2. If possible, perhaps only include rich text formatting for the desktop software only and have it displayed in the portable apps but not offered as a feature? I'd hate to think that the desktop version is limited because not everything can be ported to the mobile. Ugh, I could make my tasks simpler in MLO desktop if I were able to have rich formatting.

  13. +1 for rich formatting
    +2 for pictures (ok I use MLO as a knowledge base on the cloud too but when I need pictures/video/audio I currently have to use Evernote while I'ld love to do and have it all in MLO)

  14. 1. Suggestions ... When offering a upgrade public trial to existing users, make it so they don't get the annoying message requiring a new key. Make it so they can use their existing key for a period of time and then upgrade or revert back to previous version. Still looking for public trial key (& no it's not in the spam folder).
    2. Additional suggestion ... For existing sync subscribers, add the month to their subscription if they upgrade within some period. Once again, make it simple and easy on existing customers.
    3. Features & Functions ... My vote is to err on the side of this product's core mission, personal time/task/project management. I'd rather have APIs to calendaring, note taking and other products, instead of an all-in-one attempt that might begin to create a tug-o-war and unsustainable product.

  15. @MyLifeOrganized
    >we need to think how it will be synced to all mobile devices we support now.
    What about WYSIWYG HTML-Editor control? at least as an option.

  16. Great work. What are your plans in regards to implementing a Kanban workflow screen to maximise productivity? This would be a killer feature as I am finding I am using MLO mainly to manage the backlog.

  17. Does it sync with Outlook 2013 yet?

    1. Considering that Outlook 2013 hasn't been officially released yet, probably not.

  18. If I try v4 with my v3 data and then decide to revert to v3, will my data file still be compatible with v3?

    1. I don't think so. I upgraded to v4 which converted the data file, and when I decided to go back to v3 it said the data file was a newer version. I had to download all my data from cloud sync again.

  19. Will there by any discounts or coupon codes for the MLO Desktop version (Standard or Professional) for the New Year? I believe I was on the older users of the Windows version of MLO (before it was available on iphone or Ipod), if that helps : )


  20. Great release and well worth the wait. Love the tabs and outline filtering. @WaitingFor new documentation full of tips and ideas.

  21. I have been trying for 3 weeks to get my activation code. Please help and no it is not in the spam filter and the on-line retreval is not working

    1. We did not find your registration email in our database since you provided the wrong one. Once we found your correct registration email and changed it your activation code has been sent to it.