We are excited to announce that MyLifeOrganized for iPad ver. 2.0 has been released and already available on the App Store for free downloa...

MyLifeOrganized for iPad ver. 2.0 Released

We are excited to announce that MyLifeOrganized for iPad ver. 2.0 has been released and already available on the App Store for free download.

MyLifeOrganized for iPad v.2
All features already described in our previous posts for MLO-iPhone v.2 have been included to this new release for iPad: search, text filter, review, dependencies, workspaces, undo/redo, autosync, advanced conflict resolution, import custom views from desktop and more! You can find more details in our previous posts:
MyLifeOrganized for iPhone ver. 2.0
MyLifeOrganized for iPhone ver. 2.0 Released
Custom MyLifeOrganized Views on your MLO-iPhone!

The extra screen size makes iPad version easier to use than iPhone! You can see your outlined task list together with the list of views and details of the selected task on the same screen. You can hide unneeded information easy by swiping a panel out of the screen at any time.

We are still working on additional features like editing views on device and the calendar view.

The iPhone and iPad editions of MyLifeOrganized each have a user experience specially designed for the screen resolution they are running on. We've put significant effort in fine tuning of each edition. This is why we have different versions with different prices for iPhone and iPad.

Free/Pro model and the upgrade procedure.

MLO-iPad v.2 is released as new app in free/pro model. You can install the new version for free.  Once the app started the Pro mode is selected for your trial. Most of MLO-iPad v.2 features are FREE forever. However you may want to upgrade to continue using some advanced features after 45-day Pro trial expires. You can import your existing MLO data to the new app using MLO-Cloud or WiFi from MLO for Windows.

Discount for MLO-iPad v.1 users.

We've agreed with Apple to allow all our registered users of MLO-iPad v.1 to purchase the MLO-iPad v.2  Pro with 50% discount. If you already purchased MLO-iPad v.1 you should install v.1 on your device together with new MLO-iPad v.2 (re-installing apps from the AppStore is free if you already purchased an app). When you open the upgrade dialog in MLO-iPad v.2 your MLO-iPad v.1 app is detected on your device and discount is offered. IMPORTANT: during the upgrade you may even choose your own price for Pro depending on how much you liked this new major update :)

We are offering free cloud sync for your app review.

We are currently offering 1-month of MLO-Cloud subscription for free to anyone who writes a review in App Store for MLO-iPad v.2 even if your review is not positive :-) It is a limited time offer. Here are all the details.
Remember: we are offering free cloud even if your review is not positive. Your opinion is important to us!

Right now the beta team is busy with testing the functionality for editing your custom views on device. If you want to join this testing, please fill this form



  1. I really wish that you would step up development for android version to do everything that the Windows version does. I just purchased a Chromebook and do not plan to switch to Windows 8

  2. Yes. I love Mlo on my laptop but android version is totally unusable. Aren't android phone sales now outnumbering iPhone?