In the article about customizing views on iOS devices we told that we have been working under the same functionality for Android devices....

MyLifeOrganized for Android devices: what’s new?

In the article about customizing views on iOS devices we told that we have been working under the same functionality for Android devices. Now it’s time to prove it and tell a little bit about the features that will be waiting for you in the new Android version, which we are actively developing right now.

At first we would like to say that you should expect more than just a new version - an app is developed mostly from scratch, considering all modern technologies and our previous experience, which was gained by developing MLO for PocketPC, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad.

Our specialists designed an improved and modern UI and we suggest to look at it:

Main menu, MLO for Android v2

Outline, MLO for Android v2

Task details, MLO for Android v2
And now we will tell more about new functionalities of the app.
  1. We have improved automatic synchronization and added conflict resolution - that’s how we've gained the continuing relevance of data for all client devices on which MLO application is installed.
  2. We always remember that most of our users appreciate MyLifeOrganized for the flexibility of settings and this feature is one of the main directions in MLO development. For new Android version we have implemented the possibility to create custom views right on the device and import them from the desktop. We can say with confidence that a rare Android program can boast such settings flexibility.
  3. There is a special function to create dependencies between different tasks in MLO for iOS and Windows, and it will also be available for Android devices. If the task cannot be completed while the previous one is not done, it won’t be displayed in the list of Active Actions, which means that planning is becoming more effective!
  4. In the end we would like to announce one of the main news - we are developing both smartphone and tablet Android versions at once, as we previously promised.

Soon we will post the next portion of functions, which we are now adding to MyLifeOrganized for Android, and after that we plan to announce the release of the app. We know how long our clients were waiting for it, and that’s why we want to make MLO much more technologically evolved, compared to the previous versions. Thank you very much for your support!

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