Are you aware that the first half of 2015 has already passed? In the beginning of the year, you set up the desirable goals and made a prom...

Why you can’t achieve your goals

Are you aware that the first half of 2015 has already passed? In the beginning of the year, you set up the desirable goals and made a promise to achieve them. If everything goes like planned, the half of your to-dos must be accomplished at the moment. So, do you have 50% of your annual plan completed? No? Then you should figure out, what slows down your progress. The MyLifeOrganized team defined the most dangerous obstacles on your way to goals and can now suggest the methods to overcome them. 

1. The goal is not yours
If you feel yourself exhausted on the way to the certain goal and don’t enjoy the things you are doing, then the goal must be not truly yours. Just ask yourself - do you want to achieve this, or someone else wants you to do this? You should not waste your life on making dreams of others come true.

2. The goal is not specific
You should be quite precise in setting up the goals; otherwise, you won’t know where exactly to go with it. For example, the goal “to get much money” has no specifics. You should better say you want to create a business plan, open a bakery and sell 100 000 buns in a year. That will sound specifically enough and can actually bring the money.

3. No plan - no results
The plan is a map with a detailed description on how to get to your goal. If you start your way without it, you will hardly finish your path in a desired place. So, create a plan of actions, divide it into tasks and subtasks and successively move from one point to another.

4. Free your mind
Every big goal has a large number of intermediate objectives, which some people are trying to keep simultaneously in their mind. However, without a written plan we can every day concentrate only on 5-6 routine tasks, which take our time but do not bring the goals closer. So we remain successful and happy just in our dreams. To get over this problem, you should stop building plans only in your imagination. Structure your goals and write down all the stages of their completion. It would be even better to use a special app or an organizer for that (well, like MLO!).

5. Due date is important
You will never complete the task, which doesn’t have a due date. You will dismiss it all the time, thinking to complete this todo later, but later never comes. Such tasks will always stay incomplete, so as their parent goals. That’s why, while planning your todos, do not forget about due dates for all the tasks, no matter their urgency and importance.

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