Someone can say that it’s easy to get things done. You just need to put your tasks into a suitable organizer or an app, and everything fall...

The best productivity tips and tools for beginners

Someone can say that it’s easy to get things done. You just need to put your tasks into a suitable organizer or an app, and everything falls into place. But it doesn’t work like this in practice. The to-do list itself won’t help you to complete your tasks. First, you should learn how to manage several important things in your life to gain maximum productivity.
The MyLifeOrganized team presents the most important tips, tricks, hacks and tools that will help you to clean the mess and start achieving your goals.

1. Manage your working time

So many tasks and so little time to complete all of them! You jump from one to-do to another and in the end of the day nothing is fully completed and you still feel overwhelmed. Sounds familiar? Try Pomodoro Technique. The method is very popular and totally suitable for time-management beginners. Here is what you should do - pick up a task you want to complete, set the timer to 25 minutes and work without any interruptions. When the timer rings, give yourself a short break for 3-5 minutes. And then start another 25-minutes pomodoro. Every four pomodoros you can have a longer rest, for 20 or 30 minutes. Using the technique, you will discipline yourself and avoid overwhelming thanks to the regular breaks. You can use a kitchen timer or an alarm clock as a Pomodoro timer, but we suggest you to surf the web - there are numerous online apps for that, for example this one.

2. Manage distractions

We get email alerts, notifications from Facebook and Twitter, text messages, app reminders and calls every few minutes. Pomodoro techniques helps managing these distractions as well, cause it’s not allowed to interrupt during pomodoros. But all this things keep blink and buzz! It seems that they need your immediate attention, otherwise you will miss something interesting and important. So you put away you work to see what’s going on. In most of the cases, you will see some unnecessary stuff. But this distraction will result a loss of your concentration, and you will spend much more time on one task. To be productive you should shut such alerts off!

If you still doubt and think that notifications do not influence on your efficiency, you should actually figure this out. Install Rescue Time on your PC or a mobile device, and this app will show where you spend your time and how many minutes. You will be surprised to know how much the distractions steal from you. And you will shut them off with no regrets.

3. Manage your documentation

The documentation problem steps forward, when you have different types of texts, tables, presentations and so on, which you need to create and edit together with your colleagues and customers. So you are sending all of this via email, each time trying to collect and process numerous edits. And after doing so, you need to mail the final version again for approval, and you can still receive some edits. And again. And again. In some cases the time spent do not correspond with the utility of the document.

Your saviour for such situations is Google Drive. We were surprised to discover, how many people still do not know about its power. Google Drive makes much easier to work on one document with the whole team in real time. You can allow access or disallow it any time you want and will always see, who made edits, comments or suggestions.

4. Manage Inbox

We’ve talked about notifications already, but we should say more about emails. Most of your emails come right to the Inbox and without proper managing it might become chock-full.

To manage your inbox properly you should definitely read “Getting Things Done” book by David Allen. You will learn much on how to keep your inbox clean without missing anything important. And you will also find plenty of tips on productivity!

5. Manage tasks

Now you are ready for the real task management. You can go back to actions in the beginning of the article - choose a task list app and start organizing your to-dos. We suggest MyLifeOrganized apps for that, but we think you already know)

Sincerely yours,
The MyLifeOrganized Team
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