Friends, we have another surprise - we taught MLO for iOS to understand the entered text and set the task parameters ! This means you...

New in MLO for iOS: Parsing


Friends, we have another surprise - we taught MLO for iOS to understand the entered text and set the task parameters!
This means you will have more time to carry out of your tasks and plans.

Let us remind, we announce new features of MLO for iOS. The new version will be available soon. Now it is checked by beta testers. Before that, we reviewed the new feature of using flags and —Āustom counters feature.

In this post we will focus in detail on a parsing tasks feature. With it you can set the time, date, reminder and other settings when you type the name of the task at Inbox.
For example, you urgently need to write that you must call to your partner Jim after 3 days at a specific time. But you have absolutely no time to adjust the date, time and other settings in the application. For such cases, there is a new feature that customizes the reminder directly in the text!

You go into your tasks. Next you enter a new task on the button Inbox. Type here "Call Jim remind in 3 days 2pm". Examples and reserved words you can also see on the screen.


Then MLO application itself sets the date, time and puts the reminder.


As a result, after 3 days at 2 p.m. app gives the reminder and you call Jim successfully. It saves your time and effort for more serious tasks.
This feature was available previously only in the desktop version. Recall, the new MLO for iOS brings mobile app to the desktop functionality.

Stay with us. Next we will announce in detail new features for MLO iOS 3 pack - archiving, deleting and statistics for tasks.

Thanks that you are with us! Ask questions and write requests.

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team
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  1. Input parsing is a great feature. The big question I have is why is this feature only available on the Add to Inbox screen? Why not make it a setting where parsing is always turned on when entering the task on any MLO screen?

    1. Thank you for suggestion. We will think about it.

  2. Also, it would be even more awesome if the same input parsing were available with the Task by Email feature.

  3. Loving this new feature. However, if you give a mouse a cookie, he'll ask for some milk. Now that we have this feature, I'd love to see a way to input inbox tasks without opening the app. Like a widget in the notifications or force push preview menu