We have added flags to MyLifeOrganized for  Android task manager ! As you know the users of MyLifeOrganized task organizer for Windows ...

Flags added to MyLifeOrganized on Android

We have added flags to MyLifeOrganized for Android task manager! As you know the users of MyLifeOrganized task organizer for Windows and our to do list app for iPhone have the opportunity to enjoy the bright flags for a long time already. And now the Android users have joined the company.

Starting from version 2.8.0 you can use flags directly on your Android devices: assign flags to tasks, filter, sort and group with the help of bright and useful flags.

Flag list in MLO-Android

For example, you would like to highlight the most important tasks with the red flag, the tasks for home with blue flags, shopping list with green and so on. To assign a flag you need only one tap on the flag placeholder in the task outline. To select which flag to assign - long tap.

Mark tasks with flags in the task outline

Moreover, you can synchronize custom flag icons from MyLifeOrganized desktop to Android and create a personal comfortable system.

We would like to mention an important point. You can define the order of the flags in the list. Therefore, this order is also taken into account when sorting and grouping by task flags. Thus, you can create a view in which all marked with flags tasks will automatically line up in that order.

Tasks grouped by flag
Tip: You can switch off using flags for certain MLO profiles in the app settings if you like.

Despite the flags is a new major functionality in our Android app we are happy to announce that it is a free update for all MLO-Android v2 Pro users!

As you can see by adding more and more features to the MLO-Android app we bring the Android mobile app functionality closer and closer to the desktop possibilities. We hope you will enjoy the flags on your Android devices and it will help you to create the task management system you need.

Best wishes,
The MyLifeOrganized team

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  1. I would really like to be able to see the flags in the Android widget. They're a great way to quickly call out tasks visually.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Kimberly. We will take it into consideration.


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