The system you trust with your tasks needs to be stable and reliable. In the MyLifeOrganized task management app, we recommend setting up a...

Data safety and stable performance - Backup and Archive

The system you trust with your tasks needs to be stable and reliable. In the MyLifeOrganized task management app, we recommend setting up automatic backup and archiving so that you don't have to worry about such issues at all.

Why you need a backup

Sometimes there are situations in which data can be lost or corrupted. Most often this happens due to a device system failure or simply by negligence. But no matter what happens, with the help of the backup in MLO you can restore your data without much effort.

Automatic backup in desktop version

In the desktop version the backup option is enabled by default. With each "save" action, MLO creates one previous copy of the file, which you can open at any time in case of any problems with the main file. For more information on how to restore data from a backup, refer to this guide.

Thus, the standard backup saves the state of the file one step back. However, it does not allow you to return what you had a couple of days ago. To do this, you need to enable advanced backup.

Advanced backup in desktop version

For greater confidence in the safety of your data, we recommend enabling Advanced Backup. It allows you to keep several recent copies, as well as automatically create a backup file once a day / week / month.

You can find this option in Tools → Options → Backup.

Tip. Enable Advanced Backup even if you are using Cloud synchronization. Here is a simple example: a user accidentally deleted important tasks and closed MLO. This started the sync, and as a result, tasks were deleted from everywhere, from all synced devices. Now they can be restored only from a previous copy of the data file, that is, from a backup.

Backup in mobile version

In the mobile application, unlike the desktop, there is no automatic backup. Therefore, if you only use the mobile app, we recommend that you periodically back up your profile.

To create a backup (Pro version) go to Settings-> Back up Profile -> Create -> save this file locally or wherever you see fit.

What is Archive

You perform tasks day after day, and the profile grows, slowing down the application, cluttering the current view and creating discomfort. How to solve this problem? It's hard to manually find all the old completed tasks. In addition, you may not want to delete them completely, but leave them just in case or for reference. What is the optimal solution in these cases? Archive!

Archiving in MLO moves old completed tasks to another file, freeing up the current one and leaving them for other purposes in another profile.

Where and how to archive

If you use MLO on multiple devices that are synchronized with each other, then you should archive on only one device. Best on the desktop, because you can set up automatic archiving there:

1. Go to Tools → Options → AutoArchive.
2. Check AutoArchive every N days/day.
3. Configure the rest of the AutoArchive settings.
4. Click OK

Or, you can archive manually when you need it: just go to File -> Archive

In the mobile application (Pro version), the "Archive/Delete tasks" option can be found in the settings. See the video to learn more.