Thursday, May 12, 2016

New in MLO for iOS: Archive, purge and statistics for your tasks


Friends, we don’t stop to tell you about new features in MLO iOS 3 pack.
You have to wait quite a bit, and you will be able to enjoy the updated version.

Recall, previously we announced features:
Full using of flags on your device

And now we'll tell you more about two new features: archive for completed tasks and task statistics.

Archive and delete completed tasks
We know that you have long been waiting for this update. After all, what can you do with a large number of completed tasks, which accumulate and occupy your resources and attention?
Now with the new MLO pack, you can archive old completed tasks, moving them to a different profile or completely delete them.
Therefore, your tasks list will not be overloaded, and your head will be free from already completed tasks.

This feature was previously available only in the desktop version. Recall, the new MLO for iOS brings mobile app closer to the desktop functionality.

When you would like to get rid of already completed tasks, go to Settings and choose "Archive / Purge tasks".


Now you can configure a specific date by which all completed tasks need to be deleted. Select whether to delete tasks with open subtasks. You can also decide what to do with completed subtasks of current projects and recurring tasks. Finally, you can define a concrete action - copy, move or permanently deleting for all tasks.


Important note. if you use synchronization for multiple MyLifeOrganized clients with a single data file, then make archiving only in one client.

Task statistics
With the new MLO 3 pack for iOS you can see all statistics for your tasks:
How many tasks I have? How many of them I completed yesterday? How many suspended projects I have? How many tasks I added past year?
On these and other questions a new statistics feature gives the answer.




Stay with us
That's not all! Next we will announce other new features for MLO iOS 3 pack - iPhone + iPad = a single universal app and application for Apple Watch.

Do you enjoy this update? Is it useful? Write in comments.

With inspiration,
The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized


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