Friends, we have the last post about new features in MyLifeOrganized iOS 3 pack: MLO on Apple Watch and an universal app for iPhone+...

New in MLO for iOS: Apple Watch and iPhone+iPad


Friends, we have the last post about new features in MyLifeOrganized iOS 3 pack:
MLO on Apple Watch and an universal app for iPhone+iPad.

You have to wait quite a bit, and you will be able to enjoy the updated version.

Recall, previously we announced features:
Full using of flags on your device

MyLifeOrganized on Apple Watch

We worked hard to create MLO app for Apple Watch. So we are glad to present it now!

shazam-apple-watch копия.jpg    2.jpg

With MLO app, you can choose which list of tasks you would like to see on Apple Watch. The only limitation is that this view should not be hierarchical because of the small size of the screen clock.
For example, create an "Important tasks for today" view on the phone, which shows only the red flag marked tasks. Next make a force touch on the watch, open the menu and see the list of the views from MLO on your phone. Choose the view that you need on the watch.

3.jpg    4.jpg

In MLO for Apple Watch also you can:

  • Add a new task by clicking the "+" and dictate task text by your voice
  • Complete a task by clicking the checkbox in the list
  • See the number of completed tasks in the current view and the approximate percentage complete


  • Open the task properties, add notes, put a star or delete the task


  • In the Glance on the Apple Watch  you will see a graph of the completed tasks for the latest 7 days, and the current task list of the selected view


Addition to the views, you can also switch between profiles and workspaces in order to see only desired task lists.


As you know, MyLifeOrganized distinctive feature is that you can customize it to your own life and task management system. And the app will work flexibly the way it’s necessary for you. This ideology we have put in the MLO app on Apple Watch.

iPhone + iPad


Another novelty! With the release of the new MLO iOS pack we’ve combined applications for iPhone and iPad. Now you can use a single universal app for your phone and for the tablet  when buying MLO. Those who have already purchased the app for the iPad, will be able to move their Pro purchase to the new universal app for free.

Do you enjoy this update? Is it useful for you? Write in comments.

Stay with us
That's not all! In the next post we will summarize the update procedure and the price of MyLifeOrganized iOS 3 pack.

With inspiration,
The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized


  1. Thanks so much for making this available on the Apple Watch! Are you working on an update with a complication? That would make it PERFECT! Miss lazy pants here won't be able to procrastinate as easily if I have to look at my next task every time I check my watch face. Thanks again for such an amazing app. You are the BEST! ����

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  3. Please like an option to continue the iPhone view like Omnifocus.
    I am having a hard time using the app now with only completed / modified recently views it is so complicated and not intuitive, hope you can improve this