Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday gift for Android users: Multiselect in MyLifeOrganized

Dear friends! 

We really wanted to please you with a gift for the upcoming holidays and here is it! We are happy to announce one more hot and long-awaited feature for your MyLifeOrganized Android to do list - Multiselect.

As a general rule, you can open this feature using Bottom menu. Select the Multiselect mode after a single tap the menu in the bottom right corner.

Having done this, you will be able to select several tasks or folders with only several taps. Thus, you may move, copy, cut or delete the selected items at once.
Tip. You may also select either all or none of the elements available within the current view. Please find this option on the top panel. 
For instance, we would like to move several tasks to the top position within the outline. Having entered the Multiselect mode, select the necessary tasks on the right and tap the move icon, which is first (that is “Move selected tasks”):


You will see a set of destinations you can move your tasks to. Now all you have to do is to choose the desired destination, which in our case will be “Root Top”:


Done? Tap “Move Task” to apply changes.

Moving several selected tasks at once can be extremely useful when you process your Inbox folder for example. Just select several tasks related to the same project and move all of them to this project.

Cutting tasks allows us to insert them in other place even in different profile, while deletion removes them completely.

If you wish to return from Multiselect mode, use a back tap or just tap “Done” to close it. 

Tip. You would need to run the Pro version to use the Multiselect feature. 

Do not hesitate and try all the options of this truly great feature to save lots of time in future. As always, we are happy to receive your impressions, considerations and other feedback.

Happy Holidays!

The MyLifeOrganized team
Life is easy when organized



  1. Oh yeah, MLO taking another step foward, increasing the gap between MLO android and other productivity apps. Great news!