The holidays are a very special time of year for all of us. MyLifeOrganized Team would like to share the following great news with our commu...

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!

The holidays are a very special time of year for all of us. MyLifeOrganized Team would like to share the following great news with our community for this Holiday Season.

MyLifeOrganized for iPhone - multi-select and … import Custom Views from desktop!

Our beta testers have already received the new MLO-iPhone build with the following new functionality:
1) Multi-select - select several tasks and perform an operation on the selection.
2) Export your custom views on Desktop and import them to your MLO-iPhone device to see the same filtered task list. Yes! This long awaited functionality has been implemented by our team and I would like to share this news with you! :-) I must say it was not easy to do but we wanted to make our users happy before this Holiday Season. The same feature will be also added to our new applications on iPad and Android. It will make MyLifeOrganized even more powerful not only on desktop but also on all your devices.

MyLifeOrganized Cloud is much faster now.

We’ve improved our Cloud sync service. You can find the details about our recent improvements in MLO-Cloud here.

MyLifeOrganized for iPad with … a CALENDAR VIEW!

As you know we are working on new generation of MLO-iPad v.2. I would like to let you know that another long awaited functionality, the Calendar View, is planned for MLO-iPad v.2. I’m considering this as another small present from our team to our users. Look how we designed this functionality and let us know if you like it. We hope all iPad users (and later users of other devices) will find this new function very useful.

Calendar View in MLO-iPad v.2

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MyLifeOrganized for Android

The great news for all MLO-Android users. We’ve already started our work on redesigning MLO-Android and adding all new functionality we implemented for MLO-iPhone to MLO-Android.

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You can apply for the Android Beta testing by filling this form.

We hope you liked the news and we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

MyLifeOrganized Team
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  1. This all looks quite amazing. Are there any plans to support windows phone in the future?

  2. Same question as JeremyD - our company is moving off Blackberries and the standard issue replacement is Windows Phone (Nokia)

  3. When is the functionality coming for the desktop ????????????? Want it soon !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Waiting for Windows phone version too!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ditto all the requests for Windows 8 versions...both Windows Phone and Tablet/Desktop.

  7. I'm happy about the updates to iPhone app, and I look forward to an improved iPad experience soon. Currently my iPad app crashes every time I open it...and it only contains a fraction of my outline/tasks.

  8. Thanks once again for all of the development of this amazing product Andrey - well done!

  9. When can we get it on the desktop version??

  10. I am happy to have the win7 desktop and android working together to help me stay on top of things.

  11. I can hardly wait for the integrated calender view. This is really a wonderful feature.

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