In the latest update for MyLifeOrganized iPhone and iPad task manager we released one of the most awaited functionality - the PUSH s...

Using PUSH for Background Sync in MyLifeOrganized on iOS

In the latest update for MyLifeOrganized iPhone and iPad task manager we released one of the most awaited functionality - the PUSH synchronization from the cloud. The PUSH notification is needed for MLO on iOS devices to receive updates you made on other devices via MLO Cloud automatically and in background i.e. even without opening MLO app on your iPhone or iPad.

Here is an example of how it works. You set a reminder for a task on your MLO task organizer for Windows and sync it to the cloud. After that you leave your home taking only your iPhone with you (without opening MLO app). As a result the reminder from MLO app on iPhone will alert you in the required time. This is because it was sent to your MLO app on iPhone during background cloud sync a few moments after you synced your MLO-Windows with the cloud.

How do I configure PUSH sync on my iOS device?

Would you like to try this new feature? The PUSH notification is OFF by default in MLO iPhone and iPad task manager and you need to configure it. Here is how you can do it:

1. Install the latest MLO for iOS.
2. In MLO settings click Synchronization and open cloud sync configuration profile. If your profile is not configured to sync with the cloud yet then connect it to the cloud as you normally do.
3. Switch ON the "Use Push" setting on this screen.
4. Make any change in your tasks in MLO on your device and perform a manual sync to the cloud. This manual sync will register your device on the cloud for future PUSH notifications and background synchronization.

Well done. Now your iOS device is ready to receive PUSH sync requests from MLO cloud in background.

How do I check that the PUSH sync works on my iOS device.

You can test that it works with these steps:
1. Lock your iPhone/iPad
2. Create one new test task on desktop with reminder for Now and sync desktop with cloud.
3. Wait for ~10-25 sec - do not unlock the phone.
4. MLO on your iOS device will get updates in background and as a result the reminder will be played on your device.

Why PUSH sync does not work on my device?

The PUSH sync may not work in the following cases:
1. When you unload MLO app from memory. Just start the MLO app again and do not unload it to receive future push notifications.
2. When MLO not allowed to receive notifications in iOS settings. If you did not allow it when MLO requested you can verify and change it in iOS settings->Notifications->MLO.
3. When MLO not allowed to make background refresh in iOS Settings-> General->Background App Refresh-> MLO
4. If there are too many modifications received in background by MLO from the cloud today. To protect your battery iOS may stop forwarding further PUSH notifications to the MLO app in background for the current date if there were too many requests already processed or the requests were too heavy. So if you made too many modifications in MLO-Windows, then start MLO on iOS to sync the changes from the cloud while the app is foreground. All future background sync requests should be processed normally. If it does not restore the PUSH background sync you may need to wait till the other day for the background sync to start working again. Unfortunately this is the restriction implemented by iOS and we can do nothing with it.

We hope that the new PUSH sync functionality in MyLifeOrganized for iOS will help you to become more productive!

P.S. The same background PUSH synchronization for MLO on Android already in the testing phase and will be available when all tests are over.

With inspiration, the MyLifeOrganized Team
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  1. When will this feature be available for Android?

    1. Andre - we just released it for Android also