Great news from MyLifeOrganized again! This time for our Android users. After the recent announcement for iOS  background push synchro...

Using PUSH for Background Sync in MyLifeOrganized on Android

Great news from MyLifeOrganized again! This time for our Android users. After the recent announcement for iOS background push synchronization is coming to MLO Android task manager. The cloud sync was automatic even before but it was still needed to run MLO for this. Now you can forget about manual sync and updates of MLO on Android completely. Once you are online the MLO app will receive all updates from MyLifeOrganized Cloud automatically and will send all changes you made while offline. All this in the background even if you do not run the app itself.

Yes we know that you waited for such news quite a long time. But we had to make it right and I think we did.

Here is an example of how it works. You set a reminder for a new task on your MLO task organizer for Windows and sync it to the cloud. After that you leave your home taking only your phone with you (even without opening the MLO app). As a result, the reminder from MLO app on Android will alert you at the required time. This is because it was sent to your MLO app on Android automatically during background cloud sync a few moments after you synced your MLO-Windows with the cloud.

How do I configure PUSH sync on my Android device?

Would you like to try this new feature? The PUSH notification is OFF by default in MLO-Android app and you'll need to configure it. Here is how you can do it:

1. Install the latest MLO for Android update.
2. In MLO settings click Synchronization and open cloud sync configuration profile. If your profile is not configured to sync with the cloud yet then connect it to the cloud as you normally do.
3. Switch ON the "Use Push" setting on this screen.
4. Make any change in your tasks in MLO on your device and perform a manual sync to the cloud. This manual sync will register your device on the cloud for future PUSH notifications and background synchronization.
5. From now completely forget about any manual sync to the cloud from your Android device.

We hope that the new PUSH sync functionality in MyLifeOrganized for Android will help you to become even more productive!

Respectfully, the MyLifeOrganized Team
Life is easy when organized!


  1. Will I still need to do a manual sync to send changes from device to cloud?

    1. No manual sync is needed anymore from device to cloud if you configured push sync

  2. That's right, thanks for the confirmation.

  3. Can it work for the opposite? Like I add something in iphone, can it sync to windows MLO automatically and push the notification in PC?