MLO 6 task organizer for Windows just got better with a fresh minor update. It's nothing too flashy, just a bunch of tweaks based on yo...

New in MLO 6.0.3 Windows: Sorting options, Hotkeys and more

MLO 6 task organizer for Windows just got better with a fresh minor update. It's nothing too flashy, just a bunch of tweaks based on your suggestions to make things work smoother. We're all ears for your feedback, so don't hesitate to let us know what you think! 

Here's a glimpse at the latest update.

New sorting options

We’ve added sorting for the following columns: Context, Project Completion %, Parent, Path, Folder Name, Top Level Folder, Top Level Project, Time, Last Reviewed.

As before, you can click the column header and sort tasks by the selected property.

Or, apply sorting to the view in the filtering options: bring up the Filter pane > Group&Sort > Sort… > Sort tasks by.


Tip: If you accidentally mess up the order, don’t fret! To revert to the original order, bring up the Filter pane on the left > Group&Sort > Sort > Sort tasks by:  (None). Or hit "Discard changes'' to reset everything.

Change the Project Status in the task tree column

Now you can change the project status directly in the task area.

Plus, "In progress" and "Suspended" statuses got different colors.

Quick access to Recurrence

Following the same idea, now when you click under Recurrence column, the recurrence setup window pops up. No need to go digging in the properties pane anymore to tweak your task recurrence settings.

Edit Next Review Date

Right-click in the Next Review Date column to edit the date - just like you do with Start and Due Dates.

Hotkeys for Dashboards

Assign hotkeys for "Manage Dashboard" and "Hide/Show recent dashboards" for quick and easy access. Open menu Tools > Options > Hotkeys

Other improvements

The change log also includes:

  • improved hotkeys behavior in Rapid Task Entry dialog
  • hotkeys for "Underline" and "Highlight" commands added to the list for customization
  • added tooltip for a long task name in the Reminders window
  • added Spanish tutorial
  • fixed an issue where the TopLevelProject column used TopLevelParent in error when sorting
  • fixed an issue where the search result did not retain the current sorting when the search parameters were changed
  • fixed an issue with spaces in links for markdown
  • fixed an issue with Outlook sync when custom view used to sync tasks
  • fixed an issue with Google Calendar sync sometimes when port is locked


We hope you find the latest update to be a positive addition! Your feedback is crucial in making your favorite to-do app even better, so please keep sharing your thoughts. You can reach out to us via email to or drop a review on social media. As a little thank you, your first review gets you a free month of Cloud