The Android task manager   acquired a new cool feature – actions from the notification area. Now you have a widget on you...

Actions from the notification area in MLO for Android

The Android task manager  acquired a new cool feature – actions from the notification area. Now you have a widget on your notification bar, so it takes seconds to pull down the shade and tap an action you need. It has never been so convenient and fast to access various functions, views and search from any screen, including the lock screen. See it in action:

Each user adjusts the necessary buttons and their sequence by oneself, which makes the new function flexible and customizable for any requirements.

Let's take a closer look at all the available actions of the new functionality and how to configure them correctly.

Available actions

From the notification area you can configure the following actions:
  • Add incoming information in 4 ways: add task, add task with reminder, add task by voice, add task by voice with parsing.
  • View any MLO view of any profile available on your mobile device.
  • Set search for required information.

You can use the same type of available actions as many times as necessary. The maximum number of actions from the notification area is ten.

How to configure

Go to the MLO settings: General settings -> Actions in the notification area. Enable “Use actions in the notification area” (disabled by default). After that, the MyLifeOrganized logo icon will appear in the notification area.
In the proposed options, click the plus sign next to the available actions – the function settings menu will open.

After you exit to the main menu, your action bar from the notification area appears at the top of the screen. This allows you to assess how the widget will look, what you should add, remove or move, directly in the settings.

If you decide to change the order of actions, hold down the action and drag it higher or lower to the required position:
Now more about each function.

Add task

The standard function “Add task” has the following basic options:
  • Rename button
  • Select the profile to which the task will be added
  • Select the folder to which the task will be added
The function can be used for the standard parsing of incoming information to the <Inbox> folder. Or, for example, you can name the button “Shopping” and set it to add tasks immediately to the “Shopping” folder. At the same time, new tasks can, depending on the settings set, inherit the context of the parent folder.

Add task with reminder

In addition to the basic options described above you can find an option to add the reminder time to the start or the due date of the task.
Suppose you have made an appointment and immediately set a task with a reminder and the start/due date, which is added to the specified folder inheriting its context (if the “Inherit context” function is on).

Add task by voice

Use this option if you prefer to dictate instead of typing the text by hand. As if you constantly have the personal secretary with you who records all your instructions.

In the function “Add task by voice” the same basic settings are available.

Add task by voice with parsing

This function is like a personal secretary of the “highest level”!
The same settings and properties as “Add task by voice”, but with the recognition of dates, times, contexts, priorities and more.

This approach is useful when adding routine tasks, where it is desirable to immediately specify the context, due date or other properties.
For example, you have dropped off your laptop for repair and the service center told you to come after it in 3 days. One click and the task is parsed with the context, dates and reminder set.


MLO View

Allows you to get quick access to any active view of any of your profile.
In the “MLO View” function, the following settings are available:
●        Set view name or leave the default
●        Select the profile in which the desired view is located
●        If necessary, select the displayed area (similar to the tabs in the desktop version)
●        Select directly the view you want to access
●        If necessary, you can add zoom to a specific folder, project or goal.

Example: Configure the “MLO View” button with the “Today” view showing only the tasks that are in the “Work” folder. Just a single touch – and the list of work tasks for today is in front of you!


There is no need to go through the entire task tree in order to search for the necessary task or information. Use the search function and MyLifeOrganized will find you everything.

The “Search ...” function offers the following settings:
  • Change shortcut name
  • Select a profile in which to search
  • Set a search string (for example, if you want to have constant access to the same information)
For example, you can set up a quick search for all materials for reading (articles, books) by specifying in the search bar to find words with the word “Read”.
Using actions from the notification area significantly expands the functionality of the mobile version of MyLifeOrganized. No matter what Android screen you are on at the moment, you get instant access to the necessary views, to searching and adding incoming information. Try yourself!

The MyLifeOrganized team
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