This is Andrey, the developer. Today I want to share something personal with you. This is a simple but important life hack that I rec...

Use fear to advance!

This is Andrey, the developer. Today I want to share something personal with you. This is a simple but important life hack that I recently started to use with MLO. It is about fear. Fear is one of the basic emotions. It helps us to survive. At the same time it often prevents us from developing and moving forward. I noticed that there is a class of tasks that I subconsciously postpone precisely for the very reason of FEAR! This may be the fear of failure, uncertainty, the fear that it will not work perfectly (perfectionism), the fear of dishonor or any other. For some such fears stretch from childhood and firmly settle into the subconscious. And the more often we run away from the fact that we are afraid, the greater the fear.

I recently started doing one trick. Here it is: if I suddenly realize that it’s scary to start this task, I mark it with a special flag. Just to realize and admit to myself that I'm afraid of something, this is already a great first step. Got aware, spoke it out, pulled out of the subconscious. Step two: in the weekly review, select at least one task marked with this flag as *obligatory* to be completed this week. And start the day with doing it. Thus you have overpowered yourself, performed a terrible task and received a huge surge of energy for the rest of the day!

So, the algorithm is like this:

1. Choose the icon that you associate with fear. The file format here is ico. If you use MLO on your mobile, then it is better that one file contains several formats: 16x16, 32x32, 64x64.

2. Create a flag on the desktop with this icon.

3. Create a view on the desktop that shows tasks marked with the fear icon.

4. Synchronize with the mobile to transfer the flag with a new icon (the mobile version will use a higher resolution icon, if it is available in the ico file).

5. Do the export of the created view on the desktop and import it on Android or iOS.

Done! Now we immediately mark the “scary” tasks as soon as we face them. Then during the next weekly planning choose at least one “scary” task for the current week. A few is better :)

Why is it important? Because usually it is where we are scared that are the most important things and the growth zone for us. You can use fear as an indicator of where to go. This is usually what makes us happier. Go into your fear!

P.S. Now, if MLO would somehow “reward” for performing such special tasks! .. We are thinking about it. Any ideas on this?

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  1. Let users define Task Types such as fear, risks etc and set weight for each task type. Calculate their score and show them their progress on a dahsboard/page. This will help them to judge how much they have improved since they started using MLO.